We often think that people with better, sexier body will have better time than us in their swimsuit.
But what do it takes to be a contestant of Miss America pageant ?

In most of the pageant contest, including Miss America, there's a section called Lifestyle and Fitness, in which contestants have to show up in swimsuit to impress the whole America. And that's the most awaited sessions in Miss America.

Let's learn what does it take to have a beautiful body and slender legs to impress the whole America.

Jenna Edwards, Miss Florida 2004

Jenna secret to ideal body is Yoga. However this is not a usual Yoga, it's a "hot" yoga. She did her yoga exercise in a 40 degrees celcius room.

She said "I like to do it in the morning, so I'm cleansed by sweating out the toxins, stretched, energized and rejuvenated".

And furthermore she said that those yoga sessions were just additions to her normal workout sessions.

Sarah Wiley, Miss Indiana 2004

Sarah secret is to swim. No surprise there ? But she did not wear her swimsuit with her. Instead she wore jeans and sweatshirt.

She said "I know it is crazy, you could drown, but it helps slim down your legs."

She did the swimming for 30 minutes and she claimed that the result came within a week. She did scissors kick to swim between pool side to the shallow part of the pool back and forth.

Maria Maldonaldo, Miss Kentucky 2004

Maria's training was not as bizzare as her two compatriotes, she worked out twice per day for about 90 minutes each. However her diet menu meals were not looking delicious.

She had a three weeks long of diet where she ate protein shakes for two meals. The other meals were brown rice and oats.

After those three weeks of nightmare, she added a four weeks diet consisting of the SAME menu with addition of one high carbohydrate meal once in a week. Plus she drank 2 gallons of water everyday.

"I felt like I had to pee about 20 times during rehearsal," says Maria. "But I was free to splurge a little on some fatty foods, because I had increased my metabolism so much."

Let me summarize all the workouts that are required and effective give you a great body.

  1. Eat protein shakes for lunch, and high fibre oats plus brown rice for other meals.
  2. Swim in the swimming pool wearing jeans and a sweatshirt. (you will look like a nuthead if you do this in public pool)
  3. Last, practice yoga in 40 degrees celcius room.

Thankfully I am not competing in any pageant anytime soon!

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