Coffee is my life support beverage which I consume daily. Without coffee I just can't seem to face the whole day.

And caffeine addiction is one of the world's biggest addiction beside nicotine. That's also the reason why Starbucks is one of my favorite place to stop by everyday.

90% of the American are believed to be in addiction with caffeine. Seeing how Starbucks soared from its IPO until now justified that fact. And caffeine addiction ran its way to me before even a single Starbucks is opened here. A cup of coffee a day keep my problem away!

However I found this piece of pantyhose product which really go overboard by inserting caffeine in their panties products! They claim that it can reduce cellulite if you wear it for 1 - 4 weeks! Geez.

Caffeine actually has similar effect with cocaine and heroin. They can stimulate our brain so that it releases adrenaline into our body. Adrenaline forces our body to become alert. Which exactly what we need!

But caffeine is also a common ingredient in diet pills. That is why I often felt faster heart beat when I took my diet pills. So by using that logic, Tightsplease released their caffeine panty product, Slim Fit 20!

The panty is embedded with a lot of micro capsules containing caffeine. Tightplease claims that upon wearing, body temperature will cause the caffeine micro capsules to be released. The caffeine is claimed to fight off cellulite, thighs and orange peel effect.

Wow! I have hard time believing it honestly. This is one of the bizarre product that leave me wondering whether anybody really want to try it. Priced approximately at US$53 this product has been claimed to be a worldwide best seller (by the seller of course!). Of course $53 if cheap if you compare it by buying some cups of Starbucks and drench your thighs with them. Compared to this caffeine pant, Hula Chair now seems more reasonable.

This leave me wondering also, how come I did not lose a single weight even though I gobbled two cups of Starbucks everyday. Perhaps I should buy the bean and keep it in my underwear to see if that works! It could save me US$53!

Anybody want to take a look and try it? I'd rather spend my money to make Starbucks richer!

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In the last post I talked about the vending machines evil reign has been challenged by healthy vending machines, where your purchases can be tracked. The total nutrition intake such as calories and fat can also be summed from those healthy vending machines.

But the reality is that the healthy vending machines are likely to be installed in schools rather than offices. So in addition to taking healthy lunches (negative calories sandwich, tuna salad, healthy bruschetta) with you, you need to know what to take and what not to take from the vending machines.

Here are some snacks that are not good for the dieters.

This one is everyone's favorite but this peanut crunchy chocolate bar is not a good choice for the dieters. The high sugary taste combined with the amount of chocolate can really threaten our waist. But I admit that sometimes I enjoy nibbling it. But better avoid it while I am at work. Click here to buy Snickers candy bar in Amazon.

Frozen fruit pop tart may sounds delicious or healthy but it is a poor trade for your waistline. Too much sugar in it to call it healthy diet snack. The good thing is that the company claims that it is made from real fruit with no trans fat. But the sweet taste is too much for my liking. Click here to buy the Pop Tarts from Amazon.

Yes! These kind of snacks are easily noticed in the vending machines. Most of the cheesy chips contain a lot of trans fats which are very bad for your health. Trans fats also commonly found in fast food (read the fast food 101). Although this cheese tortilla is claimed to be made from all organic material, chances are you won't find many like this one on your vending machines. Click here to buy the Cheese Tortilla on Amazon.

This is the traditional version of cream cake. You will easily find the modern, beautifully packaged chocolate cream cake in your vending machine. From the look this is a surely no go for the dieters. Daily taking of this sweet and creamy taste coupled with some carbohydrates will easily force us to change our pants size. You can get the cake from Amazon.

Many fruit juices are made from concentrate.
The concentrate is not the same with real fresh fruit. Most of them contain too many sugar to call it healthy. Make sure you resort to fresh juice made from real fruit instead of concentrate. This concentrated juice product can be bought in Amazon.

So what's the cacth ? Here is the replacement healthy snacks for each of the above. Of course if you can, try to avoid the chocolate. But if craving get the best of you
try a dark chocolate bar without any milk instead of buying peanut chocolate bar. Or better yet just drink a chocolate coffee cup at nearby starbuck.

Chocolate coffee drink contains a little chocolate and some caffeine to keep you sharp (make sure you don't request for whipped cream and sugar). Try to find packaged dried fruits instead of pop tarts. Baked chips are better than fried chips, or if you must please choose the puffy snacks such as Cheetos Cheesy Puff. Study said that eating puffy meals can make you fuller while lowering your total calories consumption. And you can always choose fresh juice instead of concentrated juice in your vending machine.

Cherry recommends Proactol as a SAFE solution for your weight loss problems. They have 120 days moneyback guarantee too just in case you are not happy.

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All images are from the respective products available for sale in Amazon.
The complete healthy and bad snacks ideas can be seen on forbes.

The vending machine in our office was the root of all evil! With the amount of fatty snacks they provide to tempt us during office hours, they are surely one of the biggest evil in the dieter's world. Vending machine used to offer only either sugary snacks such as chocolate based snacks or crispy fried snacks such as cheetos.

Often we need a boost during mid morning or mid afternoon to keep us going. The time before and after lunch (see my Tuna Pita recipe and Negative calories lunch) is the most likely time where we would like to snack. And if the choice of boosters are all in vending machine, most of the times we will eat whatever those machines offer.

To me sometimes vending machine is a huge vertical sarcophagus. Sarcophagus is brightly decorated and so is vending machine. The flashy colours, the huge sponsor logo, the red-green-yellow snacks bar are the decoration of vending machine. But on the inside it's just unhealthy foods, not only for dieters but also for all people especially children. But thanks to the raising awareness of weight problems (especially in states), more choices of vending machines are available.

One of the breakthroughs in vending machine industry is that now vending machine incorporate more healthy choices of snacks in the machine. However the most notable breakthrough according to me is done by Horizon. Horizon is an Atlanta-based technology company offering comprehensive food service solutions.

Horizon in fact is contributing to stop the high obesity rate amongst children. Children are pretty much a good target market for those vending machines since children tend to like the colored snacks or the huge sugary snacks which are junk for them actually.

Due to the huge availability of vending machines all around the schools, children can easily eat whatever they want without any parent supervision. And most of them end up craving and getting full on those snacks which alter their foods preferences.

Horizon gives a solution to it. They offer a programmed and a tracked healthy vending machines. So children will be given prepaid cards or PIN which they must enter before they buy the snacks from the vending machine.

Then the parents can log on to check what their children ate today at school. Horizon also gives a detailed nutritional value of each snacks consumed so that parents can evaluate their children's nutrition intake.

Of course even this wonderful machine has no loophole. Children can easily organize and ask other children who are not heavily watched by their parents to buy snacks for them. But this is still a wonderful machine so far. At least the first steps to fight unhealthy eating habits in school are taken. Gee, technology has some uses, hasn't it? Coupled with Wii gaming environment that encourages children to exercises, children can really live healthier.

If you are keen about this idea, try to talk to the school principal to suggest these vending machines. Personally I would not mind if these machines are set up in offices too, but I doubt that other employees have calories freaks parents like mine.

First vending machine picture is a product of GSVending Service.

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Are you always craving for the fast food even though you know it's bad for you?
Do you need something to remind you that your money spent on fast foods is better spent somewhere else?

Although this gadget isn't mean for those purposes but you will find that this gadget reminds you briefly toward the fast foods.
It's a tabletop vacuum cleaner designed with cheese burger appearances. I wonder whether the inventor want us to remember the fast foods forever with this gadget lying on our table.

However this cheese burger vacuum cleaner does the trick. Priced at US$19.6, this vacuum cleaner will constantly remind us about the amount of money we spend to get this fast food. Heck, I would be so disgusted that I spent $20 for this cheese burger vacuum. I would fed up of wasting money on fast foods, especially those which bore resemblance to this cheese burger.

Cheese burger vacuum can be bought here.

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Zone diet can be called as a Celebrities diet. Since a lot of celebrities claimed that they follow the Zone diet and get wonderful result. The Hollywood stars said that Zone Diet can indeed makes our body healthier by regulating our meals nutrition value.

Invented by Dr. Barry Sears, Zone diet quickly gained its fame amongst the celebrities and was soon getting a huge publication in the media.

Zone diet core point is to focus on a balance intake of protein and carbohydrate. Dr. Sears insisted that Zone diet is more of health diet rather than weight loss diet. Although of course weight loss is indeed achievable in this diet. Dr.Sears argues that by composing our meals according to a specific ratio will bring good effect to our body.

However following this diet may prove to be more difficult than I imagine. Since an accurate count of carbohydrates and protein is neccesary then I should really watch my ingredients amount and count it from there. That's why a lot of companies are offering meals delivery service for Zone Dieter. However the cost per day for good zone diet meals is approximately US$40, which is a lot for Asian standard. Even for American standard it's a few dollars above their usual daily meals spending.

The companies that offer Zone Diet delivery gained its customers base amongst the celebrities who obviously don't mind spending much more than $40 per day for meals. I am sure they are ordering a much more expensive package than the $40 one. Cooking the right balanced zone diet foods can be quite a task. Normally most people have difficulty in following this diet consistently. Let's take a closer look and see whether it's feasible to do this diet without spending a lot of money.

Zone diet is centered amongst vegetables, a little fruits, low fat cheese, fish and poultry meat. "Zone" itself is a term for a proper balance. Dr.Sears addreses hormones as important part of body metabolism. Insulin levels should not be too high or too low, and gulcagon levels should not bee to low in order to achieve the Zone diet goal.

When both conditions are met, body will release eicosanoids which have similar effects to aspirin but without all the downside effects.This allows our body to develop our energy intake efficiently and effectively without storing it as fat. Dr.Sears claims that this diet will make a healthier heart and health.

The golden percentage is 30% protein, 30% fat and 40% carbohydrate. Dr.Sears even went further than that and claimed that with this diet we can lose weight permanently, achieve peak physical performance, enhance mental productivity and delay the signs of ageing. However most meals who meet that ratio will be "another" low carbohydrate and high protein meals that includes moderate amounts of fat. Typical meals will include non starchy raw vegetables, protein, a little carbohydrates and olive oils.

But creating the meals itself will be a huge problem unless we resort to foods delivery company to provide us with the foods. Well don't despair yet. Let's take the core advice from Dr.Sears and incorporate it in our daily meals. We don't have to count the exact calories for each meals but let's follow the principle. "Carbohydrates should be lower than protein and fat combined".

To control the insulin level, we need to watch these common carbs foods such as rice, cereals, noodles, pastries, pies, potatoes, pasta, bread, chocolate and sugar. Reduce the amount of carbs foods and consume the fat and protein from fish and poultry based foods. Fish has a good amount of Omega-3 or the good fat as I wrote in this Salmon recipe and sushi.

Well from my point of view, following this diet stritly is not possible. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on this diet then it will be a headache counting all those calories while your children are yelling for fast foods, or your boss is yelling for deadline. Many diets are more easier and feasible to be practised in our daily life. Even the fad diet like lemonade diet or cabbage soup diet is still easier to do if you are looking for quick weight loss.

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Wii set its step in the market around last year. Since that the world has been caught in "Wii Craze" where as people tend to turn into Wii for solution! Including a solution for weight loss.

Although Wii is indeed a breakthrough in game console industry, I note that Wii graphic feature is far from its rival. The graphic is still can't be compared to Xbox 360, save the Playstation 3. However anybody who is not a nerd will agree that Wii is FAR more exciting than those nerdy, smooth graphic of Xbox 360!

It's true. Since Wii is famed because it promotes a lot of active movements in order to play the game, some people turned into Wii as a way to lose weight whilst still being a potato couch. hey_suburbia from claimed that he lost 9 pounds in 6 weeks just by playing Wii regularly and without having any change in his eating plan whatsoever.

He said that an intense 1/2 hour of Wii Sports is roughtly equal to heavy cardio training. His journey was documented in the New York Times. Let's take a look from a LOGICAL perspective whether to lose 9lbs without any change in meals is possible.

First of all, Wii playing can be considered a worthy exercise if you play the correct games. For example, when I played Tennis Master in Wii my body would not stay calm. Although I just need to move the controller but it did not feel right if I did not move my body to chase the ball too. :D

Although I did not try the Wii exercises for a full 6 weeks (I have my own way on weight loss) but to lose 9 pounds on 6 weeks seems unreasonable for me. Well the single and most important element in weight loss is change of habit. With Wii exercises there is not much change of habit there. Okay, so I can play video games while running. Big deal! Without a sense of healthy living I will still gobble up unhealthy foods or fatty foods.

Sadly to lose weight significantly you need more than exercises. Unless Wii can be incorporated into my meals by whacking me in the head if I eat the inappropriate foods, I don't think Wii can help me much in losing weight.

But don't be discouraged. The equation for weight loss is calories output > calories intake. So how do you can burn more weight with Wii ? Simply attach a weighted wrist bands while you are playing.

And Wii is supposed to be fun. So by all means keep playing Wii, but don't play it for weight loss only! That's my piece of ranting for this Wii weight loss diet. My opinion is also the same for all games which promote calories burning like DDR. But those games are indeed a better stress reliever than the snacks.

Games are supposed to be fun, when you can burn a lot of calories through game that's great, but a change in your habit is necessary to succeed in your long term weight loss goal!

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Here's the video of Wii Exercises.

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I have to admit that I am not a fan of milk. But milk is one of the wonder drink ever exist in mankind (the other is Coca Cola :D). Milk is also consumed by animals also since it benefits the body greatly. However if animals can talk they will sure frown at human, since human consume non-human milk during their adult lives.

The taste of milk is somehow a bit too creamy for me. That's a good point since I can enjoy drinking low fat - skimmed milk which has "less milk" taste. For dieters we have been told that over consumption of low fat milk will still cause a bulge in our waist. But as confirmed by Denver dieter, Robin Seaber, low fat milk can actually help a lot in weight loss journey.

This story is old piece of news, roughly two yeas ago. Seaber was chosen to participate in ABC "The View" Weight Loss Journey program. They selected 24 women throughout the country to participate. Seaber was given a personal nutritionist and trainer to regulate her meals and exercises.

There are some new useful diet knowledge to be learn from this competition. I believe it will help me a lot and I think you can't afford not knowing this also!

Nutritionist at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center who was involved in that program, Bonnie Jortberg said that dieters are not used to choose moderate proportion of meals.

It's yes or no, black or white, low fat or fat, low carbs or tons of carbs. While the true secret lies with the gray colour. It's neither black nor white but gray. So Jortberg advised that dieters try to combine the carbohydrates, fat and calories intake in our daily meals.

Another thing I learned is the usage of milk in weight loss. In the program Seaber was asked to drink 24 ounces of milk every 24 hours to lose weight. Seaber did exercises for three times a week and did a healthy balanced eating and she had great result with 24 ounces of milk.

Milk is not a slimming tea. It will not do anything good if we do not enforce a healthy habit to achieve weight loss. But nutritionist claimed that a consumption of low fat milk will help burn off fat. The calcium contained in milk is claimed to help in burning off fat. Of course exercises and good eating plans are still required.

In six weeks Sauber has lost 12 pounds, that's 2 pounds in a week. A healthy rate! So looks like there's no escaping those milk drinking. I won't be drinking 24 ounces in 24 hours for sure. Journal of Young Investigators said that over-consumption of milk products beyond the recommended daily allowance of three 8-oz glasses of milk can disrupt your health. It would be a miracle if I can keep up with one 8-Oz glass everyday so I don't have to worry about over consumption. I should at least start drinking milk regularly!

Source of Sauber Story

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Over three times already I talked about my favoritism toward negative calories foods. I listed the negative calories foods as well as promoting melon as wonder juice for weight loss in summer.

Most of the time, I happily mix all my negative calories foods into a bruschetta salad with low fat dressing. But now I am trying a new twist with negative calories foods, something more filling than salad, yet still contains low calories.

So I would be trying to make for chicken based sandwich with tons of negative calories foods and a delicious sauce! Fit enough for a filling supper at work.


100 grams of cooked chicken fillet. Cut it so that it can be fitted into sandwiches.
2 slices of whole wheat bread. Slice it diagonally.
Four slices of tomatoes. Cut the tomatoes vertically, each cut is around 0.5cm in thickness
1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.
4 tablespoons of low fat mayonnaise
2 slices of cucumber. Peel the cucumber and remove both end. Then slice it.
1 teaspoon of chopped celery
1 teaspoon of olive oil
3 tablespoons of plain low fat yogurt
Salt, pepper and tomato ketchup to taste


Sprinkle the cooked chicken fillet with salt and pepper. Then mix the yogurt, mayonnaise and lemon juice in a bowl. Dip each chicken pieces into the dressing mix before putting it on the bread. Then arrange the cucumber, tomatoes and celery on the bread neatly. Last, sprinkle it with the olive oil and the remaining of the dressing.

The dressing that is used here tastes so delicious. And I would gladly use that dressing for salad, however I would need a larger quantity of
mayonnaise which would threaten my waist.

This makes one sandwich serving. I would say that this meal is filling enough and if it's not for you then you'll need to do portion control. Adjust your portion and practice proper stomach management.

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How much time we spend for dressing up usually? My time is around 40 - 60 minutes every time I want to go to a party or a social event. And I believe that there is a great number other people who spend MUCH more time than myself. The question that I always ask to myself during that period is "Do I look fat in this dress ?"

Sometimes I can go completely nuts and just ditch up random dress, only to find that my reflection in the mirror is completely horrible. The burden of us, dieters, are that we can't simply choose any clothes or any dresses that we want. Often I found myself goggling at some fashion products. "I can't have them!" Because some of them will inflate my waist, some of them will reveal my fat, yada yada! Yet often we finally find the perfect clothes to wear but some honest opinions from our mothers or sisters make us ditch those clothes.

Let's start with the purpose of dressing up. What are my purposes of dressing well?
Well first, I want to look good and not embarrassing in front of the societies. But my second reason is stronger, I am dying to hear somebody say "You look good in that outfit" or even just "Cute dress". I love it when somebody pay more attention to what I wear rather than how ugly my body is. That means I don't have to stand the pitying look or dreadful whisper upon my weight. We are all dieters, struggling to lose weight, it would be nice if we can put a sign "I am trying to lose my weight, so don't comment!"

Well that sign is sort of achieved using the proper clothes and fashion. Here are a few tips from my own experiences so that you can dress up thinner! I am not a fashion expert or some sort, but at least I live in the same shoes with you are.

1. Never never ever wear horizontal stripes pattern. It will inflate our already wide body. But of course skinny people who want to look wider can wear horizontal stripes.

2. TDC Trade supplies a cute cardigan just like the one posted above. However avoid wearing such cardigans which only stretch a little below your bust. It will leave our love handles area exposed without any protection. Basically you will want to wear something that "smooth out" your body line.

3. Skinny jeans are named that way for a reason. Those jeans are for skinny people. Unless you can match your top with your skinny jeans, you won't get a good result with it. Try a flat straight jeans instead.

4. Paint it black! A lighter coloured top and black skirt/pants will do wonder to your body. It's sort of de-emphasizes your stomach area.

5. Wear a loose dress. While sack dress may not be a good choice for a wide person but if you are not terribly overweight then sack dress is a good choice.

6. You should choose pants which have wide waistband. In line with my previous pointers, the pants should be straight leg. Preferably with boot cut. This will give the illusion of a smaller bottoms.

These pointers should help in choosing the right dress while we are on diet. Diet is not an instant process but it would be a great experience when we finally lost some pounds and notice that we have better figure. Then finally we can wear clothes that we could not. Please feel free to comment if you disagree or have further tips.

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Lunch is the energy main source throughout the day. A good lunch can either boost your energy and mood while a lousy lunch will set a negative mood for the entire work hours. However the vending machine in the office proves to be a great temptation for me. The number of snacks, soda and “healthy” sandwiches that they offer always look so inviting. Unless I take the Cheetos diet seriously, I won't be consuming those snacks as my main staples.

As I have posted in my previous post, a negative calories sandwich is a good lunch for me. It burns calories and tastes good with the dressing. What about utilizing apple cider vinegar for lunch meals. Here are my recipes incorporating the apple vinegar in pita bread and another sandwich. Both are very easy to pack for lunch.

For me, no matter how much I want to skip lunch, I just can’t do it. Skipping lunch will really affect my mood. When I am starving I can get really rude, even to my boss . So a healthy lunch which does not make me fat, like negative calories lunch is a must for me, so that I can still work well. It’s getting harder with the low carbs lifestyle that I am living. Meaning I have to really pack something from home so that I can ensure that I do not over eat calories. Luckily I find these meals alongside with my negative calories sandwich and bruschetta salad aren’t boring.

Apple cider vinegar is a very good ingredient for us, the dieters. When we eat animal proteins and fat, those proteins and fat will thicken our blood and disrupt its circulation process. Fast food tend to accumulate those fat in our body fast. However natural acids which are found in apple cider vinegar help to keep our blood circulation smooth. Of course you need to consume more apple cider vinegar than a few table spoons used in my recipes in order to reap the full benefit.

You can prepare this lunch meal the night before and they will still taste good. This contains apple cider vinegar, negative calories ingredients, a little carbohydrate, omega-3 fat(benefit of Omega-3) and a little protein.

Green Tuna Pita Bread


1/2 can of tuna in water. Drain it well.
Two tablespoons of chopped celeries
Three slices of tomatoes
One pita bread (6 inches).
3 slices of cucumber
One teaspoon of apple cider vinegar
Two tablespoon of fat free Italian dressing
One green lettuce leaf (chop it well)
A pinch of chopped bell peppers
Salt, pepper and ketchup according to your preferences

Blend the tuna, bell peppers, dressing, apple vinegar and celeries in a bowl. Refrigerate overnight and keep the cucumber, lettuce and tomatoes separated from the tuna mix.

When serving just wrap the tuna mix in pita bread securely while inserting the lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes as well. You can add salt, pepper and ketchup to enhance the taste. This makes one serving.

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I wrote about my skepticism toward grapefruit diet in the last post. My skepticism was based to the fact that the diet did not put any emphasis at all to portion control.

Therefore it will be hard for people who want to lose weight. Especially if they end up overeating themselves.

However I also found that grapefruit juice is indeed good for weight loss. Nutrition and Medical Research Centre at Scripps Clinic did a research to analyze the effect of grapefruit in weight loss. Although the result showed that grapefruit can indeed lower your wieght, a healthy diet meals is still required in order to lose weight effectively in the long run. So instead of doing it like the previous post, let's build a meal plan centered for balanced life and weight loss purpose.

The study:

The study about the grapefruit was done by Nutrition and Medical Research Centre at Scripps Clinic in San Diego, America. The study used 100 obese people as respondents. The first group of people ate half a grapefruit three times a day before taking meals. While the second group drank grapefruit juice instead of eating the fruit before taking meals. The third group was told not to consume any grapefruit at all.

As quoted from this source,

"On average, participants who ate half a grapefruit with each meal lost 3.6 pounds, while those who drank a serving of grapefruit juice three times a day lost 3.3 pounds. However, many patients in the study lost more than 10 pounds."


Grapefruit contains a unique compounds which reduce insulin levels which prove to lose weight. High insulin levels can make people go hungry thus making the people eat more and more. High insulin also prevents the body from breaking away the fat.

The refined meals plan:

Let's use the healthiest and most balanced Diet meals that I know. The 3 day diet meals plan.

Day 1

Breakfast: Coffee/Tea, 1 egg , 1 slice of toast and 1/2 banana.

Lunch: Coffee/tea, toast with 1/2 cup of tuna.

Dinner: 3 Oz. of chicken, 1 cup of green beans, vanilla ice cream and carrots. And you can consume 1 cup of vanilla ice cream

Day 2

Breakfast: Coffee/Tea, 1/2 grapefruit and a toast.

Lunch: 1/2 cup of tuna, with 4 - 8 saltine crackers.A saltine crackers is a thin cracker sprinkled lightly with coarse salt made from white flour, yeast, and baking soda.

Dinner: 2 beef franks, a cub of cabbage, 1/2 cup of carrots, 1/2 banana and 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream.

Day 3

Breakfast: Coffee/tea, 5 saltine crackers, 1 apple, 1 egg, 1 toast and just a little cheddar cheese.

Lunch: Coffee/tea, 1 slice of toast with 1 boiled egg.

Dinner: a cup of tuna, carrots, melon, cauliflower and another 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream.

However make sure you add either 8oz of grapefruit juice or a grapefruit for each meals. This may proves hard to do since you are required to eat a lot of grapefruit. The trick is to substitute your drinks during meals times with grapefruit juice. That way you can be sure that you drink the required amount every meals.

With balanced and regulated foods intake, I am sure this grapefruit can be a useful addition to ANY diet methods.

Pardon me for quoting this hilarious video again. I enjoy so much watching Weird Al Yankovic "Grapefruit Diet". Make sure you watch this video before even starting the diet. :)

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Grapefruit diet is an old school diet. In fact it is also known as Hollywood diet. This diet can be classified as fad diet along with the cabbage soup diet and lemonade diet.

However staring at the meal plan of the grapefruit diet, I feel that Christmas comes early. This is the first diet in my knowledge who urges us to eat more and more meat! I wish I had tried this diet in the past instead of my modification of cabbage soup diet.

While my diet was a pleasant and successful one but this grapefruit diet looks more pleasant. I doubt the success rate though, considering that the diet does not really set any limit to your food.

The grapefruit is not grape (this is new knowledge for me, honestly). In fact grapefruit is a new fruit (300 years old) from Barbados. The fruit is yellow, large and approximately 13cm in Diameter. Although the fruits are originated from Caribbean but right now the fruits are largely planted in USA.

The grapefruit diet is centered in the low glycemic index of the grapefruit which can speed up body's metabolism to match Paris Hilton's metabolism. With that said, the meals plan of the grapefruit diet requires a large consumption of the grapefruit itself. However you can substitute the grapefruit for grapefruit juice as long as the juice is not sweetened.

Here is the meals plan from grapefruit diet.

You should eat a whole grapefruit or 8oz of grapefruit juice accompanied with traditional English breakfast in the morning. The English breakfast is composed of two eggs and two slices of bacon. The diet states that you could do anything with the breakfast, including frying it.

For lunch eat a whole grapefruit or 8oz of grapefruit juice and salad. You can use ANY dressing that you want for your salad. And if you see that as a huge treat, here comes another one. You can consume any meat that you like in your lunch.

For dinner you should eat salad with any dressing that you want and a grapefruit or 8oz of grapefruit juice. That's not all, you still have to eat meat or fish along with a cup of tea or coffee.

Here are the general rules of the grapefruit diet.

- You must drink eight glasses of water everyday.
- You should not eat in between your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- You must drink or eat the exact amount of grapefruit as listed above.
- The salad, eggs and bacon cannot be substitute for anything else.
- No other drinks are allowed beside 1 cup of coffee, grapefruit and water.
- Eat until you are full.
- Do this diet for twelve days then stop for two days and continue for another 12 days.
- Meat can be fried.
- You can have any mayonnaise, cheese and negative calories foods in your salad or meat.

This diet sure looks like fun ! You can eat any tasty meals that you like with meat! However I doubt the success rate of this diet, since this diet does not enforce strict portion control.

For example, an obese person may overeat during this diet since there's no strict allowance for meals. That person will bound to eat more and more since he/she does not have to get used to eating less. Which means there's no change of attitudes done by this diet. Check out my recommendation to achieve weight loss using modified grapefruit diet meals plan.

Perhaps I can burn off calories better by laughing at this video instead of the diet!

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When Beyonce Knowles announced that she lost 20 pounds using master cleanse diet (lemonade and maple syrup diet), a lot of people were shocked. Because the strict nature of master cleanse diet or the lemonade diet is quite astonishing for the non-dieters people.

However what Beyonce did is actually quite normal if you compare that lemonade diet to these alien diets that other Hollywood stars did.

Here are the Top three weirdest diet done by celebrities.

1. Gwyneth "Gwet Thin" Paltrow

Supervised by her personal doctor, Dr. Nish Joshi, Gwyneth started a macrobiotic diet . A diet that discouraged the consumption of wheat, dairy products, sugar, gluten, and red meat.
And not only that, but Gwyneth had to undergo a weird therapy that used jars full of hot air to her skin. As reported by The Sun, the weird therapy was claimed to improve the blood flow and remove toxins from her body. Dr. Nish Joshi, who also helped Kate Moss and Nicole Appleton, also banned Gwyneth from consuming tomatoes, peppers or other fruits.

2. Christina Aguilera Colourful Diet

This old piece of news still left me clueless in panthoming Christina's mind. She followed a bizarre diet which filtered the texture of her foods. Her diet did not put a lot of emphasis on the ingredients but rather on the texture.

The former rival of Britney Spears ate meals made up from four type of textures, which are crunchy, soft, hot and cold.
Insider source, as quoted by AD Solution, also said that the singer's plate should be composed of foods in different CONTRASTING colours.

3. Mariah Carey's Purple Diet

The singing diva did the weirdest diet composed of purple stuffs.
Mariah gobbled the diet meals three times a week. She used the purple diet as a follow up to her diet similar to my modification of cabbage soup diet earlier last year.
According to Female First, Mariah's nutritionist also advised that purple foods are the best foods that can help fight off aging. Since plum. grapefruits and other purple stuffs slow the wasting of muscles.
A plum a day keeps a facelift away.

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Are you tired of not getting the results you want with regular diet methods? If you want to see definite results,consider getting plastic surgery.

If you want to fix specific areas of your body, look into getting liposuction.

In this day and age, cosmetic surgery is more common than one might think.

Before you go under the knife, do your research on cosmetic surgery!

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Being featured as main source of protein in the 3 day diet, Tuna itself is a fish rich in benefit. Tuna is rich in nutrients including selenium, magnesium, potassium, B Vitamins and contain the holy omega-3 fat acids. Omega 3 Acids are found in a large amount in fatty fish like tuna. As stated in my writing about Grilled Salmon Recipe and benefit of Sushi in Diet, Omega 3 acids actually help lower the probability of heart disease while still being an excellent source of protein for us, the dieters.

Americans enjoy eating canned Tuna, but according to Stacey Viera, from National Fisheries Institute, only 20% of Americans eat enough seafood to significantly feel any benefit. And while canned Tuna itself is still rich in protein, there's few better than fresh Tuna.

Tuna is also a good choice both for dieters and for body builder. Since Tuna provides a lot of protein to be formed into muscle, Tuna itself is low on fat. Protein is crucial in forming lean muscle mass and providing your body with energy needed for daily activities. And that makes Tuna is wonderful for your daily consumption. Let's try this easy recipe combining Tuna and negative calories ingredients.

100 grams of Tuna contain approximately 60% of our body protein need. And thankfully this fish is low in fat unlike other high protein foods.

Since it's so wonderful, let's make things even better for dieters by combining tuna into negative calories salad. Negative calories foods are foods that contain so little calories that our body will need more calories to digest the foods. So by eating them naturally our body will burn calories faster.

Negative Tuna Salad

1 tablespoon of chopped green onions
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
4 ounces of tuna
1/4 cup of chopped celeries
1/2 honeydew melon
1/4 cup of low-fat mayonnaise
1/4 teaspoon of black pepper
1/2 cup of low fat yoghurt


First peel the honey dew melon and cut it to form a large block, about 1 inch thick.
Then mix all the ingredients, except the celeries and the pepper, including the melon, and pour the yoghurt.
Then sprinkle with celeries and black pepper, serve it on shredded lettuce.

There you go, negative calories ingredients served with protein rich fish. Your two in one diet meal.

Serving: 3 people.

Image source: Seafood

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What ? A cheetos diet ? I am sure everybody in the world know about Cheetos and its Chester Cheetah logo. No one in their right mind would advise eating cheetos as diet meals or diet snacks to lose weight.
Cheetos also use trans fats used in fast food which can bulge your waist.

However a researcher from Pennsylvania State University nutritionist insists otherwise. The equation for weight loss is calories output > calories input. But according to Penn State University, by consuming more air we will eat less and in turn will lose weight. So let's find out more whether this snack can be used as diet snack.

The research done by Pennsylvania State University invited a lot of people who are not on diet to eat as many cheese puffs as they crave for four days. The respondents were divided into two groups. The first group ate the crispy stick cheetos while the other eat the cheese puffs cheetos which are puffy and contain more air inside the puffs.

The result is quite astonishing, because the group who ate the cheese puffs cheetos ended up eating more in term of volume compared to the other group. However the total calories consumption of the cheese puffs group was lower by 21%. Both type of cheetos had the same number of calories per ounce.

This study showed that by choosing food that is more puffy, you can eat more while consuming lower calories number. This is believed to be cause by the signals from our stomach that we eat enough foods while actually the foods that we eat contain air too. As quoted from the May issue of Journal Appetite, Paul Rozin (a psychologist at Pennsylvania State University) said "You're actually imagining that you've eaten more, since each piece is larger".

This trick can be incorporated into your daily meals. For example when you are choosing a cereal make sure you choose the puffy one instead of the dense one. But of course this will come to no avail if your cereal is full of sugar.

Of course you should not go on cheetos diet right now to lose weight. However this study gives us a knowledge that puffy foods are better than dense foods in term of snacks.

But what I personally like about this study is that now I have academically backed up reason to snack on my favorite Cheetos!

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Fast food do not always mean poison! Yes, fast foods have become a problem for the developed country with a lot of fast food chains such as America.

Research showed that North American youngsters eat way too much and roughly 30 percent of them are obese. This number is up 50% than the last two decades !

While fast foods are common enemies for dieters, I would like to describe the details behind fast foods danger and how we can choose the healthiest fast foods amongst all.

Fast Food Diet 101

The fast foods paranoia are caused by the calories that fast foods contain which make it a horror story for dieter. However there are also several health issues such as:

Carcinogen in beef and trans fat. Although the carcinogen issue is easily avoided by skipping the chicken and beef, the trans fat becomes a more serious threat.

Trans fats are man-made fats which made by adding hydrogen to unsaturated fat, making it into a more saturated fat at cheap cost. However the more saturated the fat, the longer it will stay in our body. This applies also for the oil used in frying.

Although nearly all fast food joints have stated that they will be using 100% cholesterol-free vegetable oil." This is only the half side of the truth, they use partially hydrogenated vegetable oil. In layman term, hydrogenated means trans fats. Which is also bad, if not worse, for your blood cholesterol.

And do they throw away the oil after used for frying ? No, they use it time over time. So the fat is becoming more and more saturated.

Enough about the danger now let's talk about how you can choose the perfect fast foods meals for you without putting your health nor your waist on the line.

The rules in Fast Food diet 101 are:

Choose mineral water to drink instead of freezing cola or your "healthy" smoothies. I don't think you and the fast foods restaurants have the same perception for "healthy". If they can use the trans oil then I better don't drink their smoothie. It's better to make your own favorite smoothie drink at home.

Your best choices of restaurants are: Pizza, sandwiches and burgers and grilled stuffs. Strictly no chickens and fries.

Choose thin crusted pizza and the best topping that you can ask are vegetables! It's filling and tasty enough without those fancy meaties and carbies.

Instead of chips or fries, buy rice!

Ask them not to include or include very little butter or margarine in your sandwiches and burgers.

Grilled stuffs literally are proven as safer option. Try to stick with grilled meat for your burger fillings.

Order your salad dressing to be served separately. This way you can control the amount of dressing you want in your salad. But it's easier, healthier and tastier to eat your own salad with your low fat dressing rather than eating "dressing free" salad.

Pita bread and kebab are your best friends! They substitute the rice and fries very well and most of them use grilled meats as fillings.

Okay so after I wrote the fast food diet 101, I thought I was going to left with few choices but the choices of fast foods joints that meet above criteria are tremendous.

You have a lot of pizza chains which offered thin crust and vegetables topping to choose. A lot of grilled burgers and sandwiches parlors to choose also. While pita and kebab may be fewer but they are usually sold at non-fast foods restaurants.

I need to remind myself again to order water though, most of the time I will jump into the biggest drinks picture in most fast foods restaurant (which is coke).

Happy Fast Food Diet 101

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Ha! This is the golden question that most people are asking. Beer belly, beer gut, love handles or whatever you call that little lump of fat on your stomach is the most hated fat in the body by most humans.

I am having the same issue now, my little lump of fat there is bigger then I want them to be. But instead of searching for tips online, I decided to chat with a fitness freak friend about it.

And he suggested me to write up these steps that I need to do in order to lose the love handles.

So here are my resolutions to lose the small beer gut here!

1. I will climb to my floor using stairs at the office. It's at the 5th floor and I should manage to do that properly everyday! This means I will pass the chance of meeting someone cute alone in the elevator but since the people at my office sucks then that chance is actually near zero. "This walking exercise is an exercise for a flatter stomach that you can do without wasting a lot of time everyday", my friend said.

2. "As an Asian you are used to clean your plate no matter how much foods are in there". By having this attitude I am letting the restaurant or the foods companies dictate my love handles size! I wrote a lot about the importance of portion control yet sometimes I can't resist eating all the foods that the restaurants gave me. I need to conform to my stomach instead of my plates!

3. Sitting straight instead slumping like a potato couch! Yes, I need to sit straight instead of slumping in my comfortable chair. "By sitting up straight actually your abs muscles are strained in a way, and by sitting up straight you are turning your office slumping hours as fine exercises hours"

4. "You can't lose your beer belly if you are supplying it with regular dose of beer"! Pretty self explanatory! I need to be an antisocial drinker.

5. "Abdominal exercise will shape the muscle in your abs and it can helps hiding away those love handles". The point here is "hiding". Although this exercise cannot make you lose the beer gut, but it's a must. Abs exercises can be done easily at your leisure time so I should get into the habit to do this everyday. Here are the exercises that I should do to shape up my love handles.

Office exercise:
Sit in your chair straight. Make sure your back is firmly against the back of the chair then you put your hands on your thigh and lift your legs alternately. Do this for three sets of ten.

Bedroom exercise #1: Do regular sit up by lying flat on the floor. Then put your hands at the back of your head and bent your knees to make a 120 degrees angle between your thighs and your stomach. Then curl up and lift your shoulders from the floor. Don't use your hands to push your head. Repeat this exercise for three sets of eight.

Bedroom exercise #2: Lie flat on the floor and bring up your legs to make 90 degrees angle between your legs and your stomach. Repeat this for three sets of eight.

6. "Build up muscles in your thighs or arms so that you can lose those love handles faster". The more muscle you have, the merrier. Since your body will needs more calories to maintain those muscles. Which means your body will start using your love handles fat stock to convert into energy.

7. "Do cardio! Strengthening muscles can only take you at a certain level, to destroy the fat you need to burn your extra calories. And that could be done optimally by doing a cardio session". Which means I need to use the treadmill with the cardio workout setting or joining a high impact aerobics class. There's no getting around it and I won't skip anymore classes like I used to.

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Stomach management is a new term that I use to describe the proper way to manage your foods intake so that your stomach hunger can be managed best.

We often feel a really terrible hunger but when we eat the food, and yet after we eat a large amount of food due to the hunger that we feel, a few hour afterwards we feel a kind of tingling stomachache.

Not a terrible stomachache, but a feeling that occurs when our stomach is too full. Yet during the eating process we don't feel full at all. That has something to do with stomach management.

Researches done in Pennsylvania University stated that women who eat large amount salad from negative calories ingredients will have a decrease in average calories consumption at a meal.

Let me sum below all the conclusions that you can derive from that statement.

1. Appetizer is the key to stomach management.

Appetizer is derived from French word which means to arouse your appetite. So appetizer is food that is meant to make you eat more main course. A

Appetizer is also meant to serve the waiting period before the main course is prepared. But how appetizer can be the key to stomach management ?

First we must look into the statement from Pennsylvania University. They said that women who eat "salad". So this means your appetizer must be salad, and it must be salad that contains negative calories ingredients. By eating a large amount of salad before your main course, your stomach will be fuller which means you will eat smaller amount of main course.

Further research detail also showed that women who do not eat salad as appetizer end up consuming 100 more calories than the women who consume salad as appetizer.

2. The dressing of the salad determine your average calories consumption.

The ingredients nor the dressing of the salad must not contain cheese or other full milk dairy product, remember that the low calories ingredients here are the key.The dressing of your salad appetizer must be a low fat dressing. (Here's a link to my low fat dressing salad recipe )

If the dressing is high in fat, then you will end up increasing your calories consumption by as much as 17% since you will eat a large amount of salad too.

3. Are you a dish washer eater or not ?

Dish washer eater is a typical of eater whose eating portion is determined by the amount of food served. Dish washer eater will eat until the dish is clean no matter how much foods are served.

If you are a dish washer eater, you must make sure that your main course amount is less than usual. Otherwise you will end up eating more than your stomach allow you to.

4. Your stomach is not made from super processor chip.

Your stomach is not a high tech product, it's a prehistoric object that is given by God or inherited from your ancestors. So your stomach will think much much slower than your PC. Give your stomach time to think before you stuff it with another food.
This is the reason why so many people get stomachache after eating when they are starving.

When we feel terrible hunger, our body will be triggered to eat as fast as possible, in fact way faster than our usual eating time which means before our stomach give signal that it is full, a large amount of food is already travelling downward.

So the key here is to wait a reasonable amount of time from your appetizer to your main course. Pennsylvania University research showed that 20 minutes is the best time that you should pass before you eat your main course.

This will give your stomach enough time to think and signal to your brain that they are already 70% or 80% full.

The moral of the story here is that healthy negative calories fruits and vegetables are the key to your proper weight loss. Eating salad made from negative calories ingredients help cut off your average calories consumption.

That is why I highly appreciate those kind of fad diets that emphasize on eating fruits and vegetables.

So make sure you do a proper stomach management next time you dine out at fancy restaurant, or even on your today's dinner.

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The sacred heart diet origins come from the name of a cardiology department at Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital where this sacred heart diet was used to treat overweight heart patients. I will post the complete sacred heart diet soup recipe below as well as my comparison review between sacred heart diet and the cabbage soup diet.

Although Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital has been linked with this diet, the hospital has issued a press release at 2004 (french) that said "no nutritionist at the Hospital took part in the development of this diet".

Since many dieters have reported 10 - 17 pounds decrease within a week doing this diet, most people neglected all the negative aspects of this diet and started to talk about this diet with excitement.


4 tomatoes
4 large green onions
1 can of beef broth
1 cup of celery
2 cups of green peas
2 package of lipton soup mix
2 cups of Carrots, shredded
2 Green Peppers
100 grams of Cauliflower, stewed and chopped
Salt and Pepper and Worchestershire sauce to taste

Optional: Zucchini and mushrooms.


Just mix all the ingredients in a hot boiling water and let it boil for 10 minutes, then turn into low heat and let it simmer until all the ingredients are soft. Don't forget to stir it consistently.

Now the meal plan is the same with cabbage soup diet meal plans.

Drink: 8 glasses of water, cranberry juice and black coffee with skim milk.

Day 1: Consume the soup as much as you want, eat only fruits (no banana).
Day 2: Only vegetables and soups allowed, no fruits. One baked potato for dinner.
Day 3: Only vegetables, fruits and soup. Nothing else.
Day 4: Only bananas and soup.
Day 5: Eat 300 - 500g of beef and soup.
Day 6: Still the same with day 5.
Day 7: Brown rice, soup and fruits.

Let's do a comparison study with the soup. I made the soup without doing the diet and I have to admit that this soup taste better, although this soup contains lesser amount of vegetables than the cabbage soup.

Perhaps it's due to the fact that this soup allow you to add more flavoring to the soup. I even tried this soup for my breakfast with hot coffee and it tasted quite good that I want to make this soup again for the whole family.

The problem with this diet is you will be lacking a lot of vital nutrients. Of course there is only minimal amount of nutrients to gain also from the cabbage soup diet.

The advantage that this sacred heart diet has over the cabbage soup diet is the higher success rate. Yes, the soup taste a lot of better and not disgusting like the cabbage soup diet, so your chance in finishing the diet successfully is higher.

Sometimes there's a situation that requires us to lose weight fast regardless the cost. If such situation happens to you then by no further ado you should do the sacred heart diet.

In fact you can occasionally serve this sacred heart soup for your family or for your beloved one, if you are a vegan just replace the beef broth with vegetable broth.

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