Stomach management is a new term that I use to describe the proper way to manage your foods intake so that your stomach hunger can be managed best.

We often feel a really terrible hunger but when we eat the food, and yet after we eat a large amount of food due to the hunger that we feel, a few hour afterwards we feel a kind of tingling stomachache.

Not a terrible stomachache, but a feeling that occurs when our stomach is too full. Yet during the eating process we don't feel full at all. That has something to do with stomach management.

Researches done in Pennsylvania University stated that women who eat large amount salad from negative calories ingredients will have a decrease in average calories consumption at a meal.

Let me sum below all the conclusions that you can derive from that statement.

1. Appetizer is the key to stomach management.

Appetizer is derived from French word which means to arouse your appetite. So appetizer is food that is meant to make you eat more main course. A

Appetizer is also meant to serve the waiting period before the main course is prepared. But how appetizer can be the key to stomach management ?

First we must look into the statement from Pennsylvania University. They said that women who eat "salad". So this means your appetizer must be salad, and it must be salad that contains negative calories ingredients. By eating a large amount of salad before your main course, your stomach will be fuller which means you will eat smaller amount of main course.

Further research detail also showed that women who do not eat salad as appetizer end up consuming 100 more calories than the women who consume salad as appetizer.

2. The dressing of the salad determine your average calories consumption.

The ingredients nor the dressing of the salad must not contain cheese or other full milk dairy product, remember that the low calories ingredients here are the key.The dressing of your salad appetizer must be a low fat dressing. (Here's a link to my low fat dressing salad recipe )

If the dressing is high in fat, then you will end up increasing your calories consumption by as much as 17% since you will eat a large amount of salad too.

3. Are you a dish washer eater or not ?

Dish washer eater is a typical of eater whose eating portion is determined by the amount of food served. Dish washer eater will eat until the dish is clean no matter how much foods are served.

If you are a dish washer eater, you must make sure that your main course amount is less than usual. Otherwise you will end up eating more than your stomach allow you to.

4. Your stomach is not made from super processor chip.

Your stomach is not a high tech product, it's a prehistoric object that is given by God or inherited from your ancestors. So your stomach will think much much slower than your PC. Give your stomach time to think before you stuff it with another food.
This is the reason why so many people get stomachache after eating when they are starving.

When we feel terrible hunger, our body will be triggered to eat as fast as possible, in fact way faster than our usual eating time which means before our stomach give signal that it is full, a large amount of food is already travelling downward.

So the key here is to wait a reasonable amount of time from your appetizer to your main course. Pennsylvania University research showed that 20 minutes is the best time that you should pass before you eat your main course.

This will give your stomach enough time to think and signal to your brain that they are already 70% or 80% full.

The moral of the story here is that healthy negative calories fruits and vegetables are the key to your proper weight loss. Eating salad made from negative calories ingredients help cut off your average calories consumption.

That is why I highly appreciate those kind of fad diets that emphasize on eating fruits and vegetables.

So make sure you do a proper stomach management next time you dine out at fancy restaurant, or even on your today's dinner.

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