If you have pets in your home then you'll find that your pets will never support your diet.

Your dogs, cats and even snakes won't be as enthutiastic as you when you offer them a lemonade diet meals plan! However, a mad inventor from New Jersey said that he has a pet that can forever support him and remind him of his diet!

Let me introduce you, the only pet that can support your weight loss program, FAT.
Yes, the name of the pet is fat, and guess what does the pet fat look like ?

Well surprisingly, it looks like, well... a fat.

This latest invention from an avid dieter by the name of Jay, claimed to be able to help you reduce your fat by constantly reminding you that you need to lose ... FAT.

"Applying the principals of mypetfatTM and keeping the 1oz. mypetfatTM near my side has helped me lose 115 pounds by making me more conscious about the choices I am making about what I eat and when and if I exercise. Overtime and through repetition it’s conditioning my thinking to make better choices, moment to moment, day by day." said Jay regarding his experience of using fat pet.

The pet fat comes in three different size, you can choose which pet suits you better.

220 calories or equals to 1oz of body fat. This mini fat is easy to carry around so dieters can carry this "cute" pet around or keep this fat in their car or office table.

A sight of this fat may potentially disrupt your villain intention to visit nearby fast food chains!

This 5lbs of fat pet equals to 17.500 calories. This is a huge pet with huge mission. You should keep your pet in a refrigerator, or in your fitness room locker, or in front of your front door.

This pet mission are to surprise people about how 5lbs fat looks like. When you hold it, you may find it is heavier than your expectation, and probably will make you so disgusted that you will stick to your diet. Imagine opening a refrigerator and meeting your cute pet there!

This 1 lb of fat pet equals to 3.500 calories. Unlike the 5lbs fat pet that is designed to shock you by it's weight, this fat pet is designed small enough to carry but big enough to feel.

You should squeeze this pet in your hand, and think of how will your body looks like if you lose a lot of lbs.

Hopefully that can keeps you motivated!

So choose your own pet that you desire and need. This pet will be far more useful to your diet than your current pets. You can buy the pet here.

Nice and creative idea for Jay, I hope your business will go well, and thanks for doing something to help us to lose weight!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    I used to own fat pet but I left it in my hometown...
    i can tell that it does good job in the kitchen... :-)

  2. Anonymous said...

    This is so funny! I will have them in my office table as a sign that I am on diet!

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