The New Cheetos Diet !

What ? A cheetos diet ? I am sure everybody in the world know about Cheetos and its Chester Cheetah logo. No one in their right mind would advise eating cheetos as diet meals or diet snacks to lose weight.
Cheetos also use trans fats used in fast food which can bulge your waist.

However a researcher from Pennsylvania State University nutritionist insists otherwise. The equation for weight loss is calories output > calories input. But according to Penn State University, by consuming more air we will eat less and in turn will lose weight. So let's find out more whether this snack can be used as diet snack.

The research done by Pennsylvania State University invited a lot of people who are not on diet to eat as many cheese puffs as they crave for four days. The respondents were divided into two groups. The first group ate the crispy stick cheetos while the other eat the cheese puffs cheetos which are puffy and contain more air inside the puffs.

The result is quite astonishing, because the group who ate the cheese puffs cheetos ended up eating more in term of volume compared to the other group. However the total calories consumption of the cheese puffs group was lower by 21%. Both type of cheetos had the same number of calories per ounce.

This study showed that by choosing food that is more puffy, you can eat more while consuming lower calories number. This is believed to be cause by the signals from our stomach that we eat enough foods while actually the foods that we eat contain air too. As quoted from the May issue of Journal Appetite, Paul Rozin (a psychologist at Pennsylvania State University) said "You're actually imagining that you've eaten more, since each piece is larger".

This trick can be incorporated into your daily meals. For example when you are choosing a cereal make sure you choose the puffy one instead of the dense one. But of course this will come to no avail if your cereal is full of sugar.

Of course you should not go on cheetos diet right now to lose weight. However this study gives us a knowledge that puffy foods are better than dense foods in term of snacks.

But what I personally like about this study is that now I have academically backed up reason to snack on my favorite Cheetos!

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  1. Levi said...

    Oh man, that is a great study! Great because they actually did a study on crunchy vs poofy Cheetos!

    Now if we can just apply that concept to healthy foods...

  2. The OE said...

    We're going to have a lot of fun. I like the low carb concept but they are designed for people who only get limited exercise. I engage in extensive physical competition multiple times a week so I have to make adjustments. If I can eat cheetos

  3. KeV's wAlKAbOuT said...

    Hey hi! Personally, I think that by consuming so much air, ur only gog to end up expelling the air through you-know-where! Haha..

    By consuming liquid or gasoeus food makes it hard to stay full, I think. The point here is 'hard to stay full'. Cos, gas and liquid moves much faster along your alimentary canal. Furthermore, fullest comes from the signal produced by ur hippothelamus region in your brain, which is trigger by glucose levels etc. So I think that consuming air etc might not do the trick in dieting either! haha.. pls correct me if I'm wrong ya..

  4. Cherry said...

    lol don't go for cheetos frenzy after you read this. This is just a reason so that I can eat cheetos without feeling guilty!

    Thanks for the explanation Kev.
    Yes it's hard to stay full, but the trick with the poofy cereals is that you can consume it in larger quantity (and get lower calories) compared to the crispy one.

    Well of course you should not make a diet on poofy stuffs, but if you have to choose cereals now you know what is the best for your diet ;)

  5. shern's mom said...

    i tot u were kiddin me. cheetos diet. good study anyway.
    ::thumbs up::

  6. baddrink said...

    To add to the cheeto diet why not try my "flaming hot cheeto meat muffins" they taste better then they look.

    See my blog for a recipe or go to my site

  7. becky_boop said...

    another reason to looove cheetos puffs! :-)

  8. Anonymous said...

    Surely they ate less Crunchy Cheetos because they suck and the puffy ones are awesome ;)

    What worries me is that the sample of people were not dieting, and perhaps have never had any problem with weight. That means that they may have different ways of processing this kind of food that those who have done diets. Also, what were the ages of the individuals? If they happened to be male college students it is not recommendable to generalize the results to a 45-year-old woman.

    I cannot buy Cheetos because I will eat them all in one sitting, no matter the quantity :)

    But I agree with levi, the mere fact that they did a study study on crunchy vs poofy Cheetos is the best, hahaha.

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