Sorry for the lack of update during the weekend, I just prepared my entry for a article writing contest. The criteria for winning is based solely on social media bookmarking votes. The story which has the most number of votes win. However the prize is nothing to be joked at, it's a grand $1000 for anybody who can pull a decent votes! And the best part is, you get a FREE link to a high PR website, you can custom the link with any anchor text that you like. It's like writing to articles directory but with $1000 as bonus. So whatever your entries are, just submit it to the article contest.

The prize will means a lot for me if I win it, as that would be my first achievement in writing. I just started writing a blog around three weeks ago, so a recognition of some sorts by winning the contest would be a great gift for me.

I wrote a great entry about lesbians which I prepared by doing research, I suggest you to read my interesting story and another less interesting story and if you like it then by all means help me by voting for it. It just takes less than 3 minutes and you'll be doing me a great favour.

Good figure, good health, good life. Happy weekend and thanks for the support.


  1. Jonathon said...

    Nice article...I hope you win

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