How much time we spend for dressing up usually? My time is around 40 - 60 minutes every time I want to go to a party or a social event. And I believe that there is a great number other people who spend MUCH more time than myself. The question that I always ask to myself during that period is "Do I look fat in this dress ?"

Sometimes I can go completely nuts and just ditch up random dress, only to find that my reflection in the mirror is completely horrible. The burden of us, dieters, are that we can't simply choose any clothes or any dresses that we want. Often I found myself goggling at some fashion products. "I can't have them!" Because some of them will inflate my waist, some of them will reveal my fat, yada yada! Yet often we finally find the perfect clothes to wear but some honest opinions from our mothers or sisters make us ditch those clothes.

Let's start with the purpose of dressing up. What are my purposes of dressing well?
Well first, I want to look good and not embarrassing in front of the societies. But my second reason is stronger, I am dying to hear somebody say "You look good in that outfit" or even just "Cute dress". I love it when somebody pay more attention to what I wear rather than how ugly my body is. That means I don't have to stand the pitying look or dreadful whisper upon my weight. We are all dieters, struggling to lose weight, it would be nice if we can put a sign "I am trying to lose my weight, so don't comment!"

Well that sign is sort of achieved using the proper clothes and fashion. Here are a few tips from my own experiences so that you can dress up thinner! I am not a fashion expert or some sort, but at least I live in the same shoes with you are.

1. Never never ever wear horizontal stripes pattern. It will inflate our already wide body. But of course skinny people who want to look wider can wear horizontal stripes.

2. TDC Trade supplies a cute cardigan just like the one posted above. However avoid wearing such cardigans which only stretch a little below your bust. It will leave our love handles area exposed without any protection. Basically you will want to wear something that "smooth out" your body line.

3. Skinny jeans are named that way for a reason. Those jeans are for skinny people. Unless you can match your top with your skinny jeans, you won't get a good result with it. Try a flat straight jeans instead.

4. Paint it black! A lighter coloured top and black skirt/pants will do wonder to your body. It's sort of de-emphasizes your stomach area.

5. Wear a loose dress. While sack dress may not be a good choice for a wide person but if you are not terribly overweight then sack dress is a good choice.

6. You should choose pants which have wide waistband. In line with my previous pointers, the pants should be straight leg. Preferably with boot cut. This will give the illusion of a smaller bottoms.

These pointers should help in choosing the right dress while we are on diet. Diet is not an instant process but it would be a great experience when we finally lost some pounds and notice that we have better figure. Then finally we can wear clothes that we could not. Please feel free to comment if you disagree or have further tips.

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  1. .ultimate said...

    Great tips, Wearing Black Clothes is really useful to appear slim.

  2. Fa Sy said...

    So tru, especially for people like me who are not thin! I have big bones and a lot of my clothes n pictures make me look fat!

  3. Cherry said...

    Yeah. And you can do the vice versa too. White clothes to make you sexier!
    Clothes are problem for women especially rather than man. Yea I used to run into the same problems Fa Sy.

  4. shern's mom said...

    hey cherry,
    thanks for the tips.

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