One can’t really undermine the fact, that Resveratrol is one of the hot selling food supplements out there in the market today. It has been an instant hit amongst the masses, ever since its introduction. As a matter of fact, it’s already been featured on ABC News, Oprah and New York Times. That being said, most people are immune to the fact that red wine is the actual source of Resveratrol.

It indeed comes as great news for all wine enthusiasts that red wine has truckloads of health benefits in store. Since we all know that red wine also contains alcohol, Resveratrol serves as a great alternative to derive all the health benefits associated with red wine, without the presence of the intoxicated element.

This serves as a strong enough reason to lay your hands on a popular food supplement which has already drawn widespread attention from the media as well as physicians across the world.

If you have been paying attention to the health benefits connected with Resveratrol, then you must have heard several weight loss claims. As such, one can’t really defy the fact, that weight management is one of biggest challenges to live up to.

Also, it’s no secret that you need to watch your diet, if you are serious about losing weight. However, it’s easier than done, considering the fast paced lifestyle we lead today. More than often, we tend to reduce our food intake in the false hope that this would do the trick for us. However, this only leads to energy loss, eventually hampering our quality of life.

Experts reckon that Resveratrol is a potent supplement which can help you reduce weight drastically, while retaining your energy. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of Resveratrol that makes it an effective weight loss tool for us.
Resveratrol plays a huge role in improving our body’s metabolism. A faster metabolism implies that your body is burning fat at a faster rate. Individuals with faster metabolisms are often very active and in good shape.

Another major contribution by Resveratrol comes in the form of improvement in our energy level. Regular consumption of Resveratrol supplements shoots up our energy level, which can be used for various productive activities, thus improving our overall lifestyle.

Resveratrol also helps us to reduce our appetite, which means that you will consume lesser calories, thus contributing to your weight loss regime.

Admits the air of exaggerated and unproductive diet supplements, it’s overwhelming to find a high quality product which does the trick for us. Resveratrol is a certain bliss for all individuals who are serious with their weight loss mission.

The problem is, you have to take it regularly to gain its benefit. Sure there may be some immediate health benefits (such as increased energy and increased metabolism) but those who drink it regularly will certainly feel all the touted health benefits (healthier body, losing weight, better sleep etc)

Nowadays there are thousands of websites selling resveratrol capsules, it's hard to know which one is really selling high quality resveratrol. My favorite website to get Resveratrol is Resveratrol Select.

I like it because:

1. They don't exagerrate the weight loss claims. Which is good since usually those who exagerrate the weight loss claims are fake.
2. They focus on the health benefit of Resveratrol instead of the weight loss
3. They ship worldwide :). Well almost worldwide. And they have a good shipping option that I don't have to wait for ages for my order.
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Over recent years many fast food restaurants have been taking the plunge to offer either healthier food to weight conscious customers.
While not all of them have added what you would call “healthy” choices to their menu, some have taken other avenues such as getting
rid of the trans fatty oil their food is prepared with. KFC and Taco Bell are some of the largely known chains that got rid of trans
fat oils in 2007. Wendy’s beat them to it the year before.

However, two of the largest fast food chains have been slacking - McDonald’s and Burger King. McDonald’s at least started using
trans fatty free oil to prepare their French fries last May. They are supposed to make the change for baked goods, pies, and more by the
end of the year. However, it looks as if Burger King will win the race here. They had planned on doing the same by the end of the year,
but they expected to be completely trans fatty oil free
by the first of November. I’ve not been able to find a newer source of information yet to confirm this has taken place.

As for offering entirely new, healthy choices, many fast foods have done this recently as well. I’m sure you’ve seen the parfaits
and apple slices at McDonald’s by now. They’ve been doing that for a while now. Who would have ever thought a donut shop would
offer healthy choices, though? Did you know Dunkin’ Donuts is doing just that? That’s right, if you’re a sucker for a Dunkin’ Donuts
coffee in the morning, you don’t have to be tempted by the jelly filled, fat crammed donuts anymore. You’ll be able to choose from
things like a turkey sausage, egg white, flatbread sandwich or a multi-grain bagel off their new

If you’re always on the go and live in California, you’ll soon be the lucky few who will be able to make better meal choices
at fast food restaurants. Beginning next July, all chains that have at least 20 location will be required to disclose health information
on standard items (those that are available at least six months out of the year). The information required will be at least
the calories, salt, fat, and carbohydrates in each dish or drink! Hopefully other states will follow suit soon.

Here we can see an amazing story: diet advice from someone who's lived 113 years, and was around when the X-ray was invented, and when the first Olympics was held. Now of course, some of it is genes, but some of it can be traced to a careful diet with very little overeating, lots of fruit, hard work, low dose aspirin, and plenty of water.

His end message was simple: Don't eat so much! Having lived through the depression, he basically ate what was given to him, and developed a habit of "under eating".

It's a known fact that living until on older age is partially due to a healthier diet, and this man only proves the fact even further. It's simply amazing to read this man's story.

Tips #1:
"You get in the habit of not eating at night, and you realize how good you feel. If you could just tell people not to eat so darn much."

Tips #2:
"I eat a lot of fruit every day."

Tips #3:
"I drink water all the time," he said, and just a bit of coffee. "I drink a cup and a half of coffee for breakfast and a cup with lunch."

Tips #4:
"Don't Eat Too Much"

Fascinating stuff from someone who has seen and done it all pretty much, and has some habits we could all benefit from.

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I don't know about you but KFC seriously is my favorite fast food joint. I don't really care about McDonald, Burger King, Domino Pizza and others but I always crave for KFC. “If only KFC had great bargains like Medifast deals often do, which give me a way to work off all those calories after eating it.
Although I limit myself to one or two chicken in a year (for real), I often get bombarded by people asking about how much calories in one KFC chicken, so here it is:

KFC Chicken

ORIGINAL Thigh: 330 calories, 110 cholesterol
ORIGINAL Breast: 360 calories, 120 cholesterol
ORIGINAL Drumstick: 130 calories, 65 cholesterol
ORIGINAL wing: 130 calories, 55 cholesterol

CRISPY Thigh: 370 calories, 85 cholesterol
CRISPY Breast: 440 calories, 105 cholesterol
CRISPY Drumstick: 160 calories, 55 cholesterol
CRISPY Wing: 170 calories, 55 cholesterol

CRISPY Chicken Strips (3 pieces): 350 calories, 70 cholesterol
Hot Wings (5 pieces): 350 calories, 110 cholesterol

Daily Mail UK is doing an informative piece on Middle Age Fat. Here's a quick way to calculate it.

Place a measure tape just above your belly button and measure it. For women, anything above 32 inches are at greater risk for diabetes and heart disease, for men it's 37 inch.

Now that's just one test, another test which is more accurate is Weight To Hip Ratio Test.

Measure the narrowest part of your waist.

Now take the measure tape again and measure around your hips, just below the point where the top of the thigh bone meets the pelvis.

Divide the 1st measurement to the 2nd measurement. Anything higher than 0.8 for women and 0.9 men then you are unhealthy.

More on this on Daily Mail

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