Coke's Big Announcement

Coca-Cola just put out a big press release stating that "they will be printing Calorie information on the front of all their products worldwide by 2011". It's about time they were more up front about their nutrition info.

Many of us know already that Coke isn't necessarily a health drink, and that its loaded with empty calories, but now it'll be right there in big print right on the front, and not on the back in smaller print where many don't really look.

Soda is a known weight trigger for many dieters, and is one of the first things many nutritionists suggest giving up when trying to lose 20 lbs. or more on any diet, or as part of a lifestyle change to maintain weight control.

Coke has already done this in their Europe, Australian and Mexican markets and are currently releasing the newly labeled products in the USA very soon. As if they couldn't have done this sooner?

They know at least a few will stop drinking the product in response, as those markets above don't always tend to be as health-conscious or calorie-counting as Americans are. And Coca-Cola knows this as well as anyone.

Coke plans to have all their products world-wide labeled by mid-2011 or so, based on their published timetable. All we know is: it can't be soon enough.

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