Calories on KFC Chicken

I don't know about you but KFC seriously is my favorite fast food joint. I don't really care about McDonald, Burger King, Domino Pizza and others but I always crave for KFC. “If only KFC had great bargains like Medifast deals often do, which give me a way to work off all those calories after eating it.
Although I limit myself to one or two chicken in a year (for real), I often get bombarded by people asking about how much calories in one KFC chicken, so here it is:

KFC Chicken

ORIGINAL Thigh: 330 calories, 110 cholesterol
ORIGINAL Breast: 360 calories, 120 cholesterol
ORIGINAL Drumstick: 130 calories, 65 cholesterol
ORIGINAL wing: 130 calories, 55 cholesterol

CRISPY Thigh: 370 calories, 85 cholesterol
CRISPY Breast: 440 calories, 105 cholesterol
CRISPY Drumstick: 160 calories, 55 cholesterol
CRISPY Wing: 170 calories, 55 cholesterol

CRISPY Chicken Strips (3 pieces): 350 calories, 70 cholesterol
Hot Wings (5 pieces): 350 calories, 110 cholesterol


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