For most people, a short term answer to weight loss is not that difficult to find. You can opt for one of the many diet
drugs that are available on the market or choose to go with the trendiest diet plan. In general, any of these will result in weight loss.

These results don’t usually last very long though. If you’re severely over weight then you may have thought about gastric bypass or had it suggested as an option to you.

Gastric bypass does deliver excellent results in many cases. However you may not be one to take such a drastic measure lightly.
There are also some people that this is just medically not possible. So where does that leave them, or you if fall into this category?

Using approved diet pills suggested by your doctor can be an option, but it’s a long term decision. You have to continue using them to keep your results.

Gastric bypass offers greater weight loss, though. There’s good news to share. It’s called Tesofensin, and it’s a new drug that is proving to product double the weight loss as any other diet pill out there today!

Tesofensin could turn out to be a great alternative to gastric bypass surgery. In a study, obese participants were given different doses
of the drug or a placebo, as well as being put on a low energy diet. The highest weight loss was 28 lbs, and was over a 24 week period.
Of course, there are more studies that are probably going to be started next year.

Not only does it appear to be fantastic at helping you to lose weight, but you could also continue to see weight loss long term.
You would have to stay on the drug, though. It isn’t something you do for a few weeks and then forget about it.

Images: Star Jones admit to having Gastric Bypass from Bliss Tree


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