Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving for those who are celebrating. While there's nothing stopping from overindulging yourself, remember that Thanksgiving doesn't last all season. Rome wasn't built in a day, your diet won't be devastated in a day either. But if you end up indulging on the left over for the next 7 days then chance is you will gain a lot of weight.

Enjoy yourself and celebrate it properly. Just remember to get back on track tomorrow. Remember you still have Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year (for those who celebrate it), so there are more feasts coming ahead.

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  1. Soju said...

    Happy thanksgiving!

  2. JoLynn Braley said...

    Hi Cherry!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! :)

    Love the title you gave my post, maybe I'll end up changing it! :)

  3. Angelina said...

    Happy thanksgiving too. This is a cheat day for me! Will come back here tomorrow after I gain some weight today tehee.

  4. Anonymous said...

    It's time for family, giving thanks and having a well deserved break. Don't make a fuss on what you will eat :).

  5. shern's mom said...

    Happy thanksgivin..

    with so many parties comin up, it's very hard to practise 'self control' and eat moderately. hehe..

  6. Anonymous said...

    Hope you had great time yesterday.

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