Do you have a soft spot for certain food? If so, perhaps your gene is the one to blame according to researchers. The researchers at Kings College found a similar eating pattern between twins.

The research itself only analyzed twin as case study, but using the research result, the researchers pointed that genetics play a great part in determining preferred foods. This conclusion challenged the belief that our food preference is formed by our neighborhood. Furthermore, the researchers pinned that 41% - 48% of our food preference is influenced by gene.

The findings, and other similar research, pointed to genetics playing a "moderate" part in the development of preferred foods. She said that it was possible that genes involved with taste, or the "reward" chemicals released by the body in response to certain foods, might play a role. People have always made the assumption that food choices are all due to environmental factors during life, but it now seems this isn't the case. (ref)

While the researchers believe that environmental factors have little effect to food choices, I disagree. Educating children about healthy food can make significant impact in their food choices.

If they live in an environment where junk food is treated as daily staple, then they will grow up thinking the same. Environment still plays a great role regardless of the genetics. This research only means that greater efforts must be placed to influence one’s eating habit and improve self control.

Full story on BBC


  1. Emma said...

    Interesting. Similar with the research which says person with a trace of alcoholism have tendency to binge on high fat food.

  2. Matthias Gaspar said...

    My cousin and his twin sibling obviously share the same eating pattern since they were raised in the same neighborhood. This research need s to address this fact, twins who were involved in the study were likely to be raised in the same neighborhood.

  3. brian said...

    More jobs for the parents :). And it's hard for parents to expect our kids to eat healthily when we don't eat healthy ourselves.

  4. curryegg said...

    Really? I never know about this. I thought it's what the environment will effect us greatly.

    Nice post cherry!

  5. shern's mom said...

    i'm a twin, let me have my say.
    both of us love exactly the same food from chips to curry. very unhealthy i know. expect that i don't take seafood.

  6. Cherry said...

    Yes this research need to address the fact that many twins are raised in the same environment too. Other research has pinned that person with history of alcoholism prefers certain type of food regardless of the environment the person was grown up.

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