edamame beanRecently I just got addicted to edamame. The reason was, I just found out that they actually cost very cheap if you know where to buy. Traditionally restaurant here has been selling a handful of edamame for $2 which was expensive for me.

I just found that I could get a bucket for just less than $1. On top of that, edamame tastes better than its soybean compatriots and loaded with tons of health benefit. For instance, edamame is good source of protein, fiber and mineral which actually tastes sweeter than other soybeans.

Here’s the nutritional information of 100g Edamame (from Edamame.com & HS):

Calories 125.0
Protein 12.1
Fiber 9
Carbohydrates 13.1
Fat 3.6
Calcium 9.3
Iron 2.7
Sodium 5.0
Vitamin A 130.0
Vitamin U1 0.31
Vitamin C 40.0

edamame soybeanAs you can see it’s packed in fiber (you need 4 slices of whole wheat bread to get the same amount of fiber). Adult needs 20 – 35 grams of fiber in a day, simply by snacking edamame can provide you with a boost in fiber.

Some researches suggested that edamame can ward of bad cholesterol and promote good cholesterol as well as reducing insulin resistance (for people with diabetes).Edamame have become a part of my daily snack now. I always have this as a companion snack whenever I am watching DVD or reading book.

To cook edamame into a delicious snack, you just need to boil it with salted water. Then let it cool for a while or just serve it when it’s piping hot. I also love adding edamame into my salad bowl or serve it with sautéed vegetables for a quick and delicious side dish.


  1. Trevor said...

    I'll just buy them frozen in the grocery. Fresh one is hard to find save in Asian restaurant.

  2. Soju said...

    I sprinkle them with sugar. Well sprinkle is understatement, I add loads of sugar in the water.

  3. brian said...

    My wife is a big fan of this Japanese soybean.. It doesn't bother me actually as long as she doesn't force each of us to eat a cup of it everyday!

  4. Intancen said...

    Last time I remembered that you even mix edamame with fried rice in your wok. Gosh, you are such a fan aren't you :D.

  5. curryegg said...

    Do you know that this is my favourite bean? I will order it whenever I get the chance to eat in sushi king.
    Yummy... ;D

  6. Anonymous said...

    Great post

    I am pleased to see that edamame has grown popular in many European countries... Guess that's what we get by having Japanese restaurant everwhere...

  7. Cherry said...

    The restaurants are selling them at premium. Check your local groceries, chance is they sell it much cheaper there.

  8. Fa Sy said...

    Yummy!!! They are cheaper if you get them in local grocery stores.

  9. Anonymous said...

    They are very addictive, and very cheap in the freezer department

  10. Anonymous said...

    They are very addictive, and very cheap in the freezer department

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