1. Refined Carbs

Refined carbohydrates refer to grain based foods where machinery has been used to remove the bran and the germ of the grain.

Examples of these foods are white rice, white bread, noodles and pasta. These foods cause our insulin production to increase and crash our blood sugar. When blood sugar crashes, we’ll crave for more food later on.

2. Boring Food

Often when we have eaten a LARGE meal which consists of just a type of food, we find that we still have place left for ice cream and a little dessert.

This is because our body and mind still craves for sweet. Rather than over eating the dessert, try to have more variety in the meals.

Prepare a small plate of fruit beforehand and eat it during your dinner, if you really need to have dessert, prepare a sensible portion of it beforehand. I find that I tend to eat more dessert if I don't prepare it beforehand.

3. Heat

When temperature drops low, our body sends a signal to our brain that we need to eat in order to increase our body temperature. The colder it is, the more that you want to eat. That’s why a lot of people gain weight during winter, coupled with holiday and a couple of festive dinners, weight can rise significantly during this period.

4. Perception

We often associate bigger plate with more food. Unconsciously we would eat more food if we were given bigger plate to start with. In fact, we also eat more when we eat snack directly from the package, regardless the size of the package. Read about the perception factors here.

5. Suppressed Craving

When you try to banish food that you crave, you will end up eating more of it in the future. At least that’s what a study quoted by BBC suggested. This rebound effect is also imminent in smokers too. The lesson, don’t banish it completely but eat it in controlled portion.


  1. Angelina said...

    I never know that temperature can affect our appetite as well. But it all makes sense, that's why restaurant always makes the temperature cold.

  2. Sherry said...

    Smell should be on the list but hey it's no brainer.

  3. Soju said...

    Where's alcohol? Few glasses of gin and I won't say no for a second helping of everything. I always wonder how alcohol magically increases my appetite.

  4. shern's mom said...

    hey cherry,
    i've got a health tips tag for you at my blog. check it out. thank you.

  5. Anonymous said...


  6. Health Freak Mommy said...

    Anonymous : Non-refined carbs would be food like wholegrains, nuts and fruits.

    I notice that after eating vermicelli (which has high GI and causes the blood sugar to rise easily), I get hungry very fast and tend to eat more.

  7. Fa Sy said...

    Great hints! I am always craving what i shouldn't be eating

  8. Cherry said...

    Foods with a high GI value raise the insulin and drop the blood sugar level. Studies showed that this causes hunger.

  9. magssno said...

    I would say perhaps by making meals more varied and interesting you could lose the "boring" factor and therefore the need for desserts.

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