You Are What You Eat

People do stereotype others based on what they eat according to this psychology research by University of Toronto. If you happen to be eating fast food, people will stereotype you as less intelligent, less health conscious but also as easy going, fun and more sociable.

Healthy eaters are perceived otherwise as being more intelligent, more responsible but also less humorous and boring. In addition to that, the study also analyzed what makes women more feminine and what makes men more masculine.

In addition of being perceived as fun and sociable, healthy eaters are stereotyped to be more honest than their Big Mac munching counterparts according to this research as published by

“Another experiment found respondents thought a woman who ate a chicken sandwich and salad for lunch would be less likely to cheat at school than one who ate a burger and fries. However, respondents said they would rather socialize with the burger eater” ref

The study also found that women are stereotyped to be more feminine when they eat small portions. That’s why women who are eating with ‘desirable’ male often end up eating much smaller portion than usual.

It’s easy enough for women to be more feminine, just eat less and choose healthy foods and you will become more feminine. On the contrary, men who eat larger and unhealthy meals are often stereotyped as masculine.

The stereotype image which I have in mind is similar to this research. I perceived men who eat in small portion and picky about their food as ‘less manly’. Unconsciously I also eat smaller portion when I am dining with ‘desirable male’.

What about you? Do you have the same stereotype?


  1. Anonymous said...

    Finally there's a research which proves that people really stereotype others based on what they eat. I wouldn't even consider men who eat timidly as manly though.

  2. Ellen said...

    Although raunchy men are stereotyped to be more masculine, many women (including me) still prefer those with less masculinity aura.

  3. goy said...

    I went through the diet time also. I lost 14 kg in four months and i think that's the big change in my life. I'm posting here to encourage all girls who need to lose weight if i can do it you can do it too. Cheer up!!!

  4. Intancen said...

    I don't care about it though. Whether the male is desirable or non desirable, if I am hungry then I'll eat a lot! lol. Stomach > image.

  5. curryegg said...

    Hey! Thank for sharing this cherry. I never know that this is in the psychology.

  6. brian said...

    I guess I need to load up with unhealthy food in order to make it popular with girl ;-).

  7. cbenc12 said...

    "to be more feminine when they eat small portions"
    wah, like that i must be very un-feminine ..
    my housemates always say i eat a lot!

  8. Cherry said...

    perhaps your house mate does not fall into the 'desirable male' type. just kidding !

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