Literally it’s completely okay to occasionally indulge yourself with some ‘sinful’ foods when you are on a diet. In fact, by indulging yourself with such food, you stand a higher chance to succeed in your diet since you will be less likely to break it on a binge ‘sinful’ eating.

But some foods are just way too sinful to be consumed even in moderation, so here are four foods which are very unhealthy yet doesn’t involve any bugs, snakes or monkey brain.

1. Poutine

This dish is a popular dish in Canada. In a nutshell, it consists of deep fried fries served with fresh cheese curds and topped with thick piping hot gravy sauce. One serving of Poutine by Harvey (fast food joint) contains approximately over 600 calories with half of them come from fat (ref: Calories Count).

And if we look at the ingredients, that completely makes sense! Cheese, deep fried potato and liberal amount of gravy. Not to mention that you are likely to eat a second helping.

Read a Poutine recipe by Janet.

2. Deep Fried Mars Bar

If processed sugar sounds bad to your health, what if it’s combined with a batter and drenched in a hot oil to make an oily dish. This Mars Bar was initialy served at Chip Shop in Scotland according to Wikipedia (ref). (although I have seen people selling it occasionally in a food bazaar here).

It consists of a frozen mars bar, covered in a batter and deep fried until the inside has melted. Literally you can use other chocolate bar similar to Mars bar. If this doesn’t sound ‘sinful’ enough

Mars Bar
Baking soda (just half a teaspoon)
All purpose Flour (a cup)
One beaten Egg
A can of beer (you probably won’t need to use them all)

Mix the flour and the baking soda while continually pour the beer and whisking the concoction slowly. Stop adding the beer when the batter is thick enough, then add the egg and whisk the batter again. Dip the Mars Bar and then fry it until it’s brown.

One mars bar contains approximately 234 calories (tips: pretend that the oil and the beer batter don’t add additional calories, you will feel less guilty). If you are really in for a kick then try serving it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

3. Chocolate Pork

This weird dish originated from Ukraine (ref). It’s made from, well, pork and chocolate. Since chocolate is a comfort food, adding the pork’s fat will transform it into a euphoria inducing food.

I don’t know how many calories that this dish contains. Just imagine eating a whole pork fat covered in sweet glazy chocolate at once! It’s salty on the inside but sweet on the outside, said one of the diner as quoted by BBC.

Recipe from BBC:
* Cut off a section of pork fat (but avoid the rind unless you are really adventurous.)
*Carve the meat into a shape of your choice.
* Cover in melted chocolate and store in the freezer.
* Once the chocolate has set, eat and enjoy.

4. Cheese Doughnut Burger

Since American think that pork fat is way too unhealthy, the folks from Gateway Grizzlies baseball team comes up with an feeble idea to make a healthier version of such dish. This burger is just your usual cheeseburger with one catch, it uses sweet glazed donut as the hamburger bun!

It contains whooping 1000 calories according to CBS and it tastes pretty good. So next time you are hosting a BBQ party, you know what to serve right?

Two sweet glazed donuts
Meat of your choice
A slice of cheddar cheese
Sauce (BBQ, gravy, mustard etc)

So those are four foods what you may consider to consume regularly if the idea of heart attack doesn’t trigger any unpleasant feeling on you.

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