Weight loss business has attracted many companies to invest and market their products aggressively through the use of advertisement. While the advertisements may be exaggerated, some of them are really funny and creative that they caught my attention at once. These four ads are great attention grabber that deliver the product message clearly. Here are four funniest, catchy weight loss ads that I found in Ads of the World. (Hint: Click the picture to enlarge it, use the back button to return to the page)

1. Yogurt Bikini

This advertisement for low fat frozen yogurt uses an unorthodox media for a good effect. It's a surefire attention grabber and yield an honest right on the spot message. "Good men are rare, stay on shape" "Believe me, it's not the bikini that men are looking at". Nuff said :).

2. Weight Watcher Boomerang

Instead of focusing on 'how much can you lose' like other advertisement, this ads brings a different message which focuses on keeping the fat off. The use of boomerang as a symbol is unique and simple.

3. Diet Pepsi and Cat

Easy enough to understand. The cat suddenly becomes thin as a result of drinking diet Pepsi. Instead of showing an image of lean or thin cat (which probably turns people off), it cleverly just shows a cat which can fit into a mouse hole.

4. Diet Coke Curvy Body

This ads is even simpler than all of the ads listed above, it uses the product directly as the medium and cleverly snippets a part of the bottle to give a message "No calories, all curves".

What do you think? Which one is the best among these ads and which one is the worst?


  1. Soju said...

    The bacon boomerang kind of turns me off. Imagine holding a boomerang made from a piece of meat. But I like the one with cat and empty can. So creative1

  2. Anonymous said...

    The last ads reminds me of old Nokia ads in early 1999 - 2000.

  3. Cathy said...

    I've read somewhere that the yogurt bikini ads received a number of critic. The haters think that the ads is humiliating woman's role in the society. I don't exactly get their point since the ads completely makes sense. All men that I know look first on our appearance.

  4. Intan Cen said...

    The curvy coke is the best one! No competition. It only uses one object yet it delivers the product's message clearly and uniquely.

  5. Jason said...

    Love the Coca Cola Curves one... as for the bacon boomerang, I agree- that's disgusting :D

  6. Anonymous said...

    Lol at the Yogurt Bikini ads. I wonder where do they put the bikini on. If they put it here in MY it will get stolen of course.

  7. ♥ Hayley said...

    It makes me a little sad that "good men" only want the girl who looks best in a bikini.

    Is that how we define a good man these days?
    I'd hate to see what the bad men are.

  8. Cherry said...

    Hayley, well there are always good men for everybody. You'll know when you meet him.

  9. Kelly said...

    I can't believe the New York billboard for a gym was not mentioned.

    "When they come they will eat the fat ones first"

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