Top 9 Dirtiest Foods

Men’s Health has gathered a list of the dirtiest food. Some of the results are no brainer, while some of them are surprising.

9. Oyster
I have never missed eating oyster every time I visit an international seafood restaurant. Raw oysters taste great and they are addictive (and pricey!). Apparently raw oysters are often contaminated with norovirus and bacteria. Cheaper but similar alternative for me is to eat escargot (not sea food but at least it has shell).

8. Cold ham
It’s not the meat which is dirty, it’s the slicer. Ham slicer is often infected with listeria and the bacteria can still grow even though the ham is stored on refrigerator. The article suggested us to move the ham into another package and buy a week stock only.

7. Packaged Salad
They are often contaminated with E Coli according to the magazine. Never mind, they never sell any pre packaged salad here. And fresh salad tastes much nicer I believe.

6. Peach
Ouch, so peach is considered the dirtiest food. They taste nice and they are very expensive here since it has to be shipped from the other half of the globe. It’s considered dangerous since many producers use a lot of chemicals to clear the peach from blemish.

cantaloupe melon5. Cantaloupe Melon
Do you wash the cantaloupe’s skin before you eat it? I don’t. I don’t eat the skin therefore I just slice it directly. According to the magazine my habit makes cantaloupe become one of the dirtiest food. Cantaloupe skin is often infested with bacteria, and if you cut directly to the center then the bacteria will be transferred into the rind also. Be sure to wash the fruit with soapy water before you consume it.

4. Chicken
40% of the chicken sample they tested is loaded with E Coli. Well improperly cooked chicken is also a serious hazard here due to the bird flu outbreak recently.

3. Ground beef and ground turkey
Heavy processing makes ground beef an ideal spot for E Coli. One from four samples of Ground Turkey also contains bacteria according to the magazine. Make sure you cook them properly.

2. Egg
Raw egg is associated with 600,000 cases of food poisoning each year and more than 300 deaths according to the magazine. Raw egg is a major ingredient of popular local drink here. It is composed of milk, ginger, honey and raw egg. Many bodybuilders and athletes are also big fans of raw egg. Be sure to cook egg properly before you consume it.

1. Spring Onion
Uncooked spring onion is the perfect place for bacteria breeding according to the magazine; this nifty onion is also linked with Hepatitis A. This onion is often served raw with spring roll here. Spring onions are also widely used in soup but the thing is, they usually stay in top and not properly cooked.

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  1. YC said...

    Now this list makes me think twice about eating - many of these things are my favs! lol!

    I eat many eggs a day...

  2. Angelina said...

    I am no fancy eater and wouldn't touch raw oyster at all. It's quite disgusting and smell quite strong. Eventhough they pour a liberal amount of lemon juice, the smell is still sharp.

  3. Kelly said...

    I heard sushi is also dangerous. To think of it, many raw foods can be potentially dangerous.

  4. Brian said...

    Well as long as you wash it throughly then there should be no harm in consuming raw vegetables. Although it's not the case with the scallion apparently.

  5. Soju said...

    I never knew that you should wash cantaloupe with soapy water to weed out the bacteria.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Men's health is exaggerating. Ground beef and chicken won't be there as long as they are properly cooked! No idea about the cantaloupe.

  7. Fa Sy said...

    Gotta think twice before puting food in my mouth :)

  8. shern's mom said...

    didn't know all those food are that dirty they earn their place in the top 9. spring onion, how can it be at no1? is it that dirty i wonder..somemore i love it.

  9. Cherry said...

    Yes, I eat them with spring roll. But I don't really care about it, somehow I can't resist oyster. And yes, I believe some of the foods are no brainer. Of course raw chicken is dangerous especially with the bird flu outbreak recently.

  10. Tim said...

    Onions and garlic contain natural antibiotics. Hope they work good, because I can't stop eating raw green onions!

  11. bluebeaverbeer said...

    I submitted your post on BloggingZoom:

  12. Anonymous said...

    ewwwwwwwwwww grosssssssss i dont want hep A from a onion

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