sashimi salmon saladSashimi (fresh raw seafood sliced thin) definitely falls within the healthy category of a food. Regular consumption of sashimi topped with healthy living style has been long touted as Japanese’s secret of longevity. The most common seafood which is used for sashimi is salmon.

Raw salmon has a fine orange-ish color which enthralls eye and can even urge the ‘raw food despiser’ to try it. That was also the case with me. In fact my early encounter with raw fish was in form of salad!

When the orange raw salmon is combined with leafy green, dripping wet fresh salad, the result is a healthy mouth watering colorful salad. I tried to make the same salad on my own and to my delight, it only took a while to prepare and the result was great, here’s the recipe:

The trick here is to get the fresh fishes. If the fish isn’t fresh then the dish will be ruined. Try contacting your favorite grocery to find out when they usually receive the fish from the port. The beauty of this dish is, you can experiment with various fresh vegetables and the result will usually turn out to be ok as long as you have the fresh fish. In my trial, I even added cheese, carrot and Japanese ginger (gari). Make sure you cool most of the ingredients first, it tastes better when it’s chilled.

-150 gram of Fresh raw salmon (thinly sliced)
-150 gram of Fresh raw tuna (thinly sliced)
- 100 gram of Salad green (chopped)
- 50 gram of Cabbage (chopped)
- Various add-on (you can use tomato, boiled broccoli, cucumber, radish etc, in my case I use carrot, chunk of cheese, Japanese ginger and Japanese mushroom)

- 3 tablespoon of Virgin Olive oil
- 3 tablespoon of Salmon or flying fish roe
- 1/2 tablespoon of Sesame oil
- 2 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice

Serving: 2

I don’t marinade the raw fish since personally I prefer eating them raw and bland.
1. Mix the olive and sesame oil in a bowl and mix all the vegetables and add on in the serving bowl
2. Put the raw fish on top of the vegetables, arrange neatly
3. Sprinkle the salad with the oil, mix well and splash it with lemon juice
4. Top the salad with the roe (put it neatly)

And that’s it. It takes a couple of minutes and the result is an elegant, healthy and colorful dish. You can serve this to your guest and few will think that it only take such a short time to prepare. Feel free to modify this salad to your preference.


  1. Soju said...

    Add a couple of crabstick and a dash of mayonnaise and it'll be a God sent salad!

  2. Tasha Chan said...

    Sounds delicious! I'll try this recipe this weekend.

  3. Emma said...

    This sounds delicious, I'd even go and add the black fish roe as it will give more contrast :D. Too bad the roe is very expensive here.

  4. sfod223 said...

    Thanks for the recipe, this looks deliciously simple to make.

  5. curryegg said...

    I never try this before.. wish to try it.. ;)

  6. cbenc12 said...

    that looks utterly delicious! hope i can prepare the meal soemtiems ;) but salmon is expensive..

  7. Cherry said...

    If salmon is too expensive try Tuna. They can catch fresh fine tuna in SE Asia too (the one that I had is caught near Bali). Tuna is cheaper than Salmon and is edible when raw. The color is dark red (more like blood).

  8. ♥ Hayley said...

    Oh wow. I love to make sushi.
    Now I will definitely try this and add it to my Japanese food recipes.

  9. Health Freak Mommy said...

    This salad dish sure looks healtilicious. I can't wait to deliver my bb so that I can indulge in raw fish and seafood again!

  10. Cherry said...

    I'll try to get my hand on Japanese curry next time. It's also delicious although a little bit more calories packed than this salad :D

  11. Anonymous said...

    Please don't use raw salmon. It is known to contain two types of nasty worms. This is why the Japanese do not eat salmon raw. Smoked is fine, or cooked. But not even marinating kills the parasites. (To do that, you need to freeze it for 48 hours or more at below -20C. Which is not possible in domestic freezers, only industrial ones.) Also to be avoided are any fresh water fish and mackerel. For similar reasons -- they have bugs.

  12. Cuccee Sprouts (is in Cucumber Sprouts) said...

    You can use raw salmon!!! I use it all the time. Here is my recipe! Salmon Sashimi with Blue Cheese and White Miso Puree

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