Drinking water won’t have any effect in curbing your appetite, a research from Penn State unveiled. Sure, your body needs water in order to perform its metabolism but you won’t get skinny by water, the research suggested.

24 lean women were asked to participate in this research and were asked to spend one day per week for four weeks. The researchers analyzed the effects of these three types of meals to these women. The meals were chicken rice casserole, chicken soup and chicken rice casserole served with a glass of water.

The research result suggested that drinking water didn’t have any significant effect on calories intake while consuming dish with high water content did lower calories intake. Women who ate the chicken soup consumed 100 fewer calories compared to women who ate chicken casserole or chicken casserole with a glass of water.

Although water doesn’t really trim the fat down, but you should still consume a large number of it. In fact, my grandmother always forced me to drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday. During her childhood, medicine was scarce and when she got sick, she was forced to drink a lot of water so that she could heal faster.

But you should be wary of your water intake. Soda and even concentrated juices are packed with additional calories and sugar which may make you even thirstier. As a result you may drink more than you ought to thus packing more additional calories. Plain water is definitely the most ideal choice out there for your fluid intake. The trick of getting the habit of drinking water is to get used to it. Always bring bottled water and consume it whenever you feel thirsty.

Alternatively, if you believe about anything and don't mind spending a lot of money for fabled products, you can try this bottled diet water which promises you a trimmer waist line just by drinking. Of course it comes with a hefty price tag.

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  1. Brian said...

    In here, diet coke is way more popular than water. I'd not be surprised if our blood even contain cola flavor lol.

  2. nemo said...

    I think water should be used not to take away hunger, but to make sure that what yo uare feeling is in fact hunger and not mistaken thirst for hunger.

    Many people do not drink enough water (or fluids in general) and therefore are dehydrated.

    What they perceive as hunger could simply be thirst. So my rule is drink first when hungry, if after 10-15 minutes you still feel hungry then its probably hunger, but sometimes it goes away after drinking water.

  3. Fa Sy said...

    I remember when I use to drink water once every 6 months back in freshman year. I realized that my diet was way better after I replaced my sodas with water. I try not to buy anything else but water, that way I wont be tempted!

  4. Anonymous said...

    I hate to say that I am drinking diet coke out of a habit rather than need. It seems that I am a little addicted to the plain cola taste of diet coke, I also drink water but in much less quantity than the coke.

  5. Ellen said...

    Bottled water is somehow expensive here. Although the tap water is safe to drink but it tastes very unpleasant.

  6. Jason said...

    I'm the opposite of most of you lot... I drink two litres of water a day, minimum. Absolutely hate diet coke :D

  7. cbenc12 said...

    me too! me too! i am good, i drink a lot of water.. always bringing a bottle of water wherever i go, my bf is starting to think something wrong wif me :D

  8. Cherry said...

    Nemo great point about it. Sometimes we can't differentiate between hunger and thirst. That leads to the misconception that says water can curb appetite while in fact the person is experiencing thirst instead of hunger. And diet coke sounds like a norm there, it's unpopular here and it's rare to see any Diet Coke advertisement here.

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