We tend to associate people who are infected with serious disease to be thin or at least not obese. According to recent news published in Yahoo, it’s actually the opposite which becomes a norm lately. The news said that almost two thirds of HIV patients are currently struggling with obesity. This news made me think about the effect of obesity toward those who already have immunity deficiency disease. Obesity is linked with various diseases which they could have prevented in the first place.

The researchers studied 663 patients with HIV and found that 63% of them were overweight or obese. The good news was, nobody was thin enough to be called wasted (which was the common thing to happen to HIV patients 20 years ago).

This result came as a surprise since the respondents were from military that tend to be more health conscious than other.

"These folks are in more ways than not becoming like everyone else. If they're overeating, they're going to get fat," said Dr. Michael Saag, director of the AIDS Center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, who had no role in the study."

Two decades ago, AIDS patients were encouraged to eat a lot of food in order to prevent wasting. But with the presence of modern drug that keep the immunity deficiency virus at bay, patients become healthier in the first place therefore they are not exposed to wasting as much as their predecessors. This comes with a price though, weight gain.

Obesity itself has been linked with various heart problems, cholesterol and risk of diabetes. And it’d be really distressing if they end up surviving HIV but die on the diseases caused by obesity which actually can be prevented.

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  1. Tasha Chan said...

    In my opinion money = weight loss. People who have no money are forced to eat unhealthy food since fresh food is more expensive. It's jsut sad to see this happens to HIV patients.

  2. Soju said...

    Although the number of HIV patients who are obese is shocking, it's encouraging to hear that HIV drugs have gone so advanced these days.

  3. Intancen said...

    Interesting study. I admit that I still associate HIV patients as thin (or wasted) people. That is the picture of HIV patients who are broadcasted in Television. Interesting to know that they are also facign obesity problem.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Apparently it's only the case with people in North America. I work for NGO here in South East Asia and I can tell you that the patients here have way to go from being obese. They suffer from a lot of nutrition deficiency and suffering from mental breakdown. The "modern" drugs don't come easy here.

  5. ♥ Hayley said...

    Heya Cherry,

    I feel the same about the jeans. They always look so much nicer on the rack than on me! hahaha I love skirts too, especially cute pleated ones. But I think I'd feel a bit more confident in them if my thighs were slimmer. :x I'm working on it!

  6. Anonymous said...

    Someone at pozgroup.com suggest they add obesity to their disease type list before, but they did not adopt the suggestion. Maybe, they should take a second consideration.

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