Have you ever had a situation where you have a obese friend who doesn’t really care about her weight, let alone her health? You want to tell her that she needs to really start taking care of her health unless she plans to have heart attack, but you just can’t find the way to tell it without hurting her feeling.

Or perhaps are you the type of person who knows that you need to diet but are just too lazy to start it? The new chair invention by Japanese scientists may be just the thing you need.

What does a cute glowing chair has to do with weight loss you ask? Let’s say that this chair will assign you a color based on several factors including your weight.

The inventors described this chair as an ‘interactive’ chair. It can interact with various objects including people who sit on it and assign color accordingly.

"For example, imagine that a heavy person sat on the sofa. The sofa would change its colour from white to red, as if the blood pressure was rising high," says Kanaya.”

So if you want to tell your fat little friend that she needs to start eating healthily, then just invite her to sit together on this chair set and watch the color changes. Of course this chair won’t save you from having to explain why her chair is flashing in red color.

This chair will do well as your personal diet reminder. Since you will probably need to pay at least $3000 for this chair set, then you would actually love this chair so much that you will sit on it whenever you can.

And if you weight too much, the chair will continuously display a red color, then you will be pissed off since you just waste $3000 on a chair which is supposed to change color but just refuses to do so. Since you don’t want your $3000 to be wasted, then you will probably start working out in hope that the next time you sit on your $3000 chair, it will finally change color and finally makes your investment breaks even.

From Gizmodo, ABC and Inventor Spot.


  1. Anonymous said...

    This is quite a design masterpiece. For $3000 (four chairs and a table) it's a good deal for me. I hope it can be programmed so that it doesn't flash the red light every time I sit on it.

  2. Tasha Chan said...

    This is a cute chair! I hope they really put this concept into mass production next year.

  3. Sherry said...

    This furniture is a design avantgarde. It's quite interesting why they assign red if you weight too much, a turquoise color would be nicer :D.

  4. ♥ Hayley said...

    I wonder how it decides how much is too much?

    What would be the difference between a 6'5 male and a 4'10 female sitting on it? Hum.

    Anyway, I don't care, I want one. :)

  5. Soju said...

    Let's hope that this won't be just another 'design concept'. Many wonderful technologies are simply impossible to be mass produced.

  6. Jason said...

    Great idea, but a tad too expensive I think. Would be interesting to try it out! :D

  7. JoLynn Braley said...

    Huh, it's quite an idea, so the positive is that someone out there is being creative....however on the serious side, this just seems like a waste of money, and IMHO it looks like an uncomfortable piece of furniture.

  8. Cherry said...

    Well as long as it has nice futuristic design and cool color people will still buy it. If they are smart enough to mass produce this char then they will be able to make the chairs at least comfortable :).

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