It's Friday and it's the time that we get some fun by reading the next bizarre diet products.

Do you know that you can literally keep your body slender while pushing down your dental cost at the same time?

A miracle diet product called “Diet Aid Toothpaste” claims to do that for you. In addition to having shiny white teeth (and three ounces of confidence due to your fresh minty breath), you can also lose weight at the same time just by brushing your teeth!

The Diet Aid Toothpaste is toothpaste made from chromium which can reduce your blood sugar level, regulate insulin thus suppressing your appetite.

If you look at the instruction listed at their website, they recommend you to brush your teeth up to FIVE TIMES a day! So whenever you feel like eating you can just brush your teeth and problem’s solved!

A blogger who had tried the toothpaste also said that you are required to brush your tongue, roof of your mouth and your side cheeks for at least TWO MINUTES (bear in mind that you are supposed to brush your teeth whenever you want to snack).

I may be the only one who feel that it hurts a lot to brush your roof of mouth and cheek, I can’t imagine how I would feel if I have to do it for two minutes five times a day.

According to a reviewer on Daily Mail, the Diet Aid Toothpaste claims to be able to trim down 500 calories a day which in turn will reduce your weight by 1 pound per week.

This Diet Aid Toothpaste is priced at £5.99 (around $12) which is expensive! Of course there’s one advantage that you can get by brushing your teeth five times a day using this toothpaste, you can at least be assured that your breath will smell very nice!

I am skeptical to this diet toothpaste. I am sure you will get the same result if you use less ‘magical’ toothpaste such as the toothpaste that you use currently.

If you brush your teeth straight away after you eat then you can literally consume less food. If your teeth are clean and squeaky, then the least thing you want to do is to ‘spoil’ your recently brushed teeth with a bag of chocolate. Not to mention that not all foods taste nice when your mouth is filled with mint fragrance from your toothpaste.

Do this five times a day (provided that you have the time, chance and more importantly, patience) and I am sure you will get result after several months.

PS: Is it just me but why many miracle diet websites are poorly designed, take a look at Diet Fork and this diet aid tooth paste website.

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  1. Soju said...

    Lol. At $12 per tube I doubt they will be up and running for a long time. People can just take appetite suppressant pill, although it may cost more at least the result isn't just placebo effect.

  2. ♥ Hayley said...

    I don't think you need the special toothpaste for this to work for you.
    Any toothpaste you buy can work. The reason it helps is because it leaves your mouth tasting minty, and it won't make you want to ruin that with food, or mix the taste of your food with mint (if you've ever drank orange juice after brushing, you'll know what I mean.)
    I find gum works even better.

    Those people are just trying to sell ice to an eskimo. =p

  3. The Cooking Ninja said...

    Well if you have to brush the roof of your mouth and sides as well so many times a day, you will have a sore mouth hence you won't want to eat anything anymore. hehehe

  4. Anonymous said...

    Do I get extra weight loss if I brush my teeth for 40 minutes a day? I can do it while watching TV.

  5. Sean said...

    I always think to eat snack, perhaps I have to wash more than 10 times a day. I think it would bring harm when brushing so many times in a day!

  6. Lady Rose said...

    As always you find the most amusing stuff - that is some expensive toothpaste -- just use the regular stuff and a bit of mouth wash too - I find it really helps if cravings kick in and your dentist will be happy too!

    I've finally gotten my blog moved so pop over for a look see! hopefully now I'll time to visit other blogs more often

  7. Cherry said...

    I suspect that any usual toothpaste will do. But I guess the inventors thought that there are too much competition on the generic toothpaste business so decided to make this toothpaste.

  8. Health Freak Mommy said...

    I think what helps is brushing your teeth immediately after your meals so that you will not be tempted to continue eating.

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