It always amazes me on how people (especially celebrities) are willing to walk off the beaten path to embark on a quirky diet. Many celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon are wolfing on jars and jars of baby food as a resort to maintain their figure!

The idea of baby food diet is to replace a part of your daily meals with baby food. Imagine having to choose between liquidized beef and the real thing, I’ll choose the real thing anytime. Followers of this diet may also replace their snacks with baby food to fend off unhealthy snacking habit.

Isn’t baby food supposed to make baby gain weight and become tougher? It’s often high in protein and carbs therefore it can even put on some weight upon the dieter if consumed excessively. Not to mention that babies and adults have different calories requirement. Adults may have to consume a few jars in order to feel satiated.

And this idea is just bizarre, I just can’t figure out why adult can stand to eat baby food every single day. For me the concoction looks and smells yucky (okay I can possibly stand on the fruit jar but not on the beef jar). I also begin to ponder, what’s the purpose of having teeth if you don’t use it for chewing?

Style guru, Mark Hayes, shared his example of a baby food diet plan on this website:

Breakfast: Porridge pudding or mashed banana.
Snack: Water or juice
Lunch: Chicken country vegetables or other fish jar.
Dinner: Liquidised chicken and potato.
Drank 2 litres of water a day.

An advised normal diet to aid weight-loss:

Breakfast: Porridge with banana
Snack: Protein shake
Lunch: Salad and sandwich with wholemeal bread
Dinner: Thai green curry with brown rice
Has six small meals a day

Some people may think that they aren’t that bad but then they must be missing the feeling of chewing food at the end of the day. Eating them occasionally is one thing but eating them as a routine is way too overboard for me. Well, good luck to Aniston and other people who do this baby food fad I am not jumping to the bandwagon. What about you? Do you enjoy eating baby food?


  1. Nancy said...

    Some of them taste quite nice. But it's a different case when you have to eat them everyday.

  2. curryegg said...

    I like baby biscuit instead.. haha.. they tastes nice... :)

  3. Fa Sy said...

    Hey Cherry long time I've not been around, but Im back now :). This babyfood diet is really weirddd. Waow, cant beleive some people will go to this exreme to lose weightt :( Yuck!

  4. JoLynn Braley said...

    Hi, I actually have used baby food as an alternative to processed food when traveling. Surprisingly it is recommended (as long as it only contains the food item, and no added sugar or anything else) if you normally eat clean, whole foods and just don't want to eat processed gunk, which is why I've used it as an option (again, when traveling).

    I wouldn't recommend it as "diet", though, or to lose weight. Just eat whole, healthy foods instead. ;)

  5. cbenc12 said...

    gee.. baby food is so.. untempting to me. in fact, when i look at those bottled baby food, soft and creamy, i am so glad i am not baby so i dont have to consume them..!

  6. Anonymous said...

    i have eaten baby food quite a few times. They tasted quite nice at first but somehow it's boring. I suppose they help in losing weight sicne those people are restricting their calories (no wonder they lose weight), but I just don't see that this diet is viable for a long term plan.

  7. Cherry said...

    Whenever I see baby food I have a picture of a food being squashed and turned into liquid then fitted into a jar. It's quite allright when it's a jar of plum but it gives me a shudder if it's a beef and onion. To eat those stuffs everyday (even as a snack replacement) is already too much for me.

  8. ♥ Hayley said...

    Baby blueberry puree is sooo good. I've loved it my whole life. This makes me want to go out and buy some. :3

  9. Anonymous said...

    I'm trying this diet, Wether it's a fad or not, i'll find out soon enough, on other forums i have read you could loose up to 15lbs in a week, and looking into the critics of the subject, they have found that theyre isnt anything wrong with the diet, as its made for the innocent digestive systems for babies. However, it is a better alternative to the people who go to the extremes of starvation, but the hard part is keeping the weight off! I have decided to try this out for about 4 weeks and see the results, but i am keeping to one whole meal per day and also excersize as baby food doesnt have the sufficient amount of nutrients for an adult. jenifer aniston had 14 of the tins a day and a whole meal. i dont think i'll be eating that many! however i'll get back to you and we'll see if its just a stupid craze or actually works!

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