celebrities weighing scaleNumbers can be discouraging. Especially when the number on your weight scale shows that you ate too much during the weekend. That’s why some offbeat folks decided that the world needs a revolutionary weighing scale that doesn’t display number as weighing measure.

Celebrity Weighing Scale compares your weight to famous figures in humankind such as Baby Jesus, Hulk Hogan, Karate Kid, Chuck Norris and many more.

While it still hurts if it shows that you have identical weight with King Kong, at least you can brag to your friends that you have identical weight to world’s richest ape.

That’s not all though, the inventor of this weight scale also invents another version of this weighing scale which uses animal as weight measurement tool.

animal weighing scaleThe animal scale uses various animals such as duck, pig, armadillo, bear and many more. While it also hurts if it shows that your weight is comparable to cow at least it’s a little bit more comforting to see animal picture rather than reading the word King Kong.

These scales are sold by Angry Associates for €35 plus shipping. We’ll let it up to you to choose between animals and celebrities, at least they are less of an insult than number!

Buy the weighing scale at Angry Associates.
Via Gizmodo by way of Diet Blog

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  1. Jackie said...

    That must be a fun scale. I hardly ever weigh myself as I know by how tight my trousers are whether I need to eat more or eat less and that way have maintained my weight all my life.

    Thanks for your comment. Arugula is the one in the Wikipedia :)

  2. Soju said...

    Lol, I hope I don't weight like Mr Ed!

  3. Janet said...

    It's funny... but it is actually also a really good idea for people who want to make sure they stay on track without obsessing over numbers!

  4. Anonymous said...

    Hahaha this weighing scale is funny as hell. I'll be buying it and put it in our bathroom. Would love to see how's my roommate gonna react to this.

  5. Intancen said...

    Haha, wonder whether they have trouble with copyright infringement. Hulk Hogan is not going to be too happy when his names is associated with figures which is close to obese :D

  6. Anonymous said...

    lol, oliver twist (after more) that's great

  7. JoLynn Braley said...

    This is really funny, and my first thought was along the same lines as Janet's....it could be a good way to get off of your scale obsession!

    I also really like what Jackie said....she pays attention to how her pants fit. I think that is a much healthier way to go instead of focusing on that darn # on the scale. If you weighed 200 lbs but fit into a size 7, then what does the scale matter? ;)

  8. shern's mom said...

    aha. where you got this? this is so cool.
    i bet if my bro goes on the scale, he'll weigh the same as an elephant. haha..how fun.

  9. Sean said...

    It is really funny, but I would not spend such amount to get it >.<"

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