What would you do if you know that your 15 years old daughter is on a starvation diet to shed off those ‘invisible’ pounds? If I was the parent then it means that I need to put extra effort in explaining the difference between being slim and being healthy, and I would probably have to spend hours arguing with my daughter too.

That’s the issue that many parents in UK are facing now. Approximately 1 from 3 British teenage girls is currently on starvation diet and insisting that they follow a healthy diet according to a recent story in Yahoo.

Research said that those teenage girls risk themselves on starvation diet in quest to become slim.

A national study shows 37% of girls aged 13-18 admit to eating less than 1200 calories a day in a bid to slim, 40% less than they need.
And while fewer boys diet, almost a quarter admit to limiting themselves to fewer than 800 calories

800 calories are really way too low for teenage girls who still need tons of nutrition to grow. 800 calories a day means that those girls are on starvation crash diet for fast weight loss result.

I don’t want to sound like sour grapes but in my opinion this is the result of many beauty industries marketing campaign which always feature woman as being beautiful and slender. As a result more and more teenage girls seem to think that if they are not beautiful and slender then they are not woman.

I like the “Dove Onslaught” campaign which bears the tag line: “talk to your daughter before the beauty industry does.” Although I don’t believe in Dove’s pure motive to educate young girls (they exist in the beauty industry too), but I like the message which is sent through the campaign.

Parents need to develop a stronger relationship with their daughter so that at least their influence can fend off the beauty industry influence.

via Yahoo


  1. evelyn said...

    Long time no see this blog.
    Cute themes for this.
    So i don't know why many people always want to be thin?
    So silly

  2. Brian said...

    Well let's take a look at their parents. I wouldn't be surprised if their parents have tried the starvation diet also in the past.

  3. Brian said...
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  4. Kelly said...

    I really hope the government will put more effort in educating the young generation regarding self esteem and beauty. It takes more than a slim body and pretty face actually to be called beautiful. For me, it's the way I feel more aware of my health and doing my best in order to preserve it.

  5. Soju said...

    Talk to your children before the beauty industry does. That's a good line from Dove. I love Dove products and commercials, they always use a distinct trademark. I remember that there was a commercial by Dove which emphasizes the true meaning of beauty by using an elder lady as the endorser.

  6. curryegg said...

    Hello cherry.
    How are you? Looks like I've missed a lot of your posts.

    About this issue, it's really serious and actions should be taken...

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