Weekend Announcement

I know that there’s usually no post on the weekend over here at Diet Meals Recipes but I want to make this post today to announce that I have joined with payperpost today.

Many people always think that the day a blog joins the evil ring of sponsored reviews as a dooms day. Many people expect the blog to dish out riff raff unrelated sponsored posts for the sake of money.

Although I expect to receive much more sponsored posts enquiries from advertisers, I will retain the same strict criteria that I always use to filter interested advertisers.

First I will see the relevancy of the post itself. If the offers are unrelated then I simply reject it.

Then I’ll see the product itself, I don’t want to endorse shady products and therefore you won’t see any dodgy products being reviewed positively here.

Last I will always balance the quantity of sponsored posts versus un-sponsored posts.

I don’t want Diet Meals Recipes to turn into a kind of advertising blog with tons of sponsored posts therefore the number of un-sponsored posts (or real posts) will outnumber the sponsored posts greatly.

PPP is a great platform; literally you can reach to a wider audience by joining them. So apart from gaining access to more advertisers myself, I am looking forward to increase the popularity of Diet Meals Recipes itself by joining the market place.

Since I don’t plan to accept many opportunities here, then I won’t be getting a lot of money for sure ;). But I can still use the extra money to buy more imported ingredients to try new recipes (which I haven’t done for a long time) or just use the money to indulge myself in a Japanese Restaurant (so I can write better).

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