Spa Fat Burning Bike

If you think the idea of spending few hours on the gym is less appealing than spending your life lying on the couch then here’s an invention that may have a soft spot on your heart. The Hypoxi L 250 is an exercise bike which is equipped with a vacuum chamber complete with a comfortable cushion. And the good news is, you can have lower body vacuumed through the vacuum chamber (that sounds pleasant) throughout the exercise while you gently relax and still appear like a man sleeping on his 22nd century bed.

Here’s what the company claims from its webpage:

“The L250 gives skin a rejuvenated appearance and is ideal for those who find it near impossible to reduce body fat on their hips, thighs and buttocks.”

I guess it won’t be impossible again if your hips, thighs and buttocks are exposed to a vacuum chamber while pedaling. I am almost sure that you won’t feel any pain since this chamber is designed to make you feel like you are on a “Spa” rather than on an exercise machine.

“The levels of unsurpassed comfort of this type of exercise; The horizontal position largely relieves the body from its weight, takes pressure off the joints and lowers the client's heart rate so that the gentle therapy can be at its most effective, an experience more liken to a spa therapy than a form of exercise.”

And judging from its look, I bet that this super-comfortable-spa –bike-that-can-burn-fat won’t come cheap. There’s no price tag listed in the website and that probably means that this gadget is expensive.

But again at least this spa-bike sounds more rational than the last week’s light and air diet or the good old caffeine pantyhose, and it's sure way cooler than the Computer Bike. I guess if you find that you always fail in toning down your lower body or just too lazy to move your feet to the gym then this spa-bike may be handy for you.

via Engadget.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    nice blog
    -umesh from blogcatalog

  2. cain said...

    Idon't understand how the vacum can affect anything. Are they trying to say it vacums off weight? If where does it leave it?

  3. Sean said...

    I've tagged you about "the age that I wish to go back to...", I hope you will write about it~

  4. Scott said...

    cooool, I want one! Besides, good old caffeine pantyhose are not for me. Maybe santa will be extra nice this year.

    Enjoy your weekend, Cherry :D

  5. Leigh said...

    It looks far too comfortable to be doing anything productive to me. Looking at that model I would probably fall asleep if I tried it.:)

  6. Wayne said...

    Can you imagine how much this piece of equipment cost's? It must be thousands probably tens of thousands.
    I would rather go jogging for free.

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