Living entirely on burrito for three months (or the rest of your life) may already seem like a bad way to spend our days on earth, but what will you say to the idea of living entirely on sunlight and air? The diet cult claims that the followers only need to breathe the air and feel the sunlight and can survive without any food at all.

It is called Breatharianism and Breatharian just in case you are wondering. One of its notable practitioners has claimed to live entirely on sunlight and air since 1993 while another practitioner has claimed to live on light and air for the past 30 years with the exception of occasional snacking of McDonald and diet coke.

Jasmuheen or Ellen Greve who composed several self penned internet e-books on Breatharianism failed to impress the public when she was challenged by an Australian TV to demonstrate her Breatharianism diet.

The doctor who supervised her during the challenge found out that she has experienced dehydration and other dangerous physical symptoms. She simply reasoned that it was the bad air that deprived her from supreme wellness.

To make things worse, Jasmuheen made further claim which said that her DNA cell had expanded from 2 to 12 strands in order to absorb more hydrogen as a result of her air and light diet. However when she was asked to perform a blood test she refused and said that such spiritual effect won’t be visible on microscope (do we need third eye then?).

Wiley Brooks, the founder of Breatharian Institute of America, is a more interesting figure to discuss.

One of his initial claims was that he had lived entirely on air and light for the past 30 years. And he described the follower of Breatharian is someone who can travel to the 5th dimension (light). Reference.

Wiley Brooks also suggested that we gobble up McDonald’s double quarter pounder with cheese and diet coke in addition to our delicious meals of light and air.

While McDonald’s burger may provide little nutritional value to our body that some may not consider it to be a proper food for human, Brooks has a different reason to endorse Mc Donald’s double quarter pounder and diet coke.


“This concoction of 5d beef, 5d liquid light from the diet coke, the 5d sweetener aspartame, french fries fried in 5d de-hydrogenated oil and 5d water (5d water contains liquid gold) from the enter-earth oceans, is what makes this 5d catalyst work.”

There is no substitute for the MacDonald's Double-quarter-pounder with cheese meal. But the frequencies of the complete burger is what is very specific. Eating the fries is optional. Drinking the diet coke from MacDonald is OK with the meal. But other times drink it only from the bottles I recommended. This is why its so important to able to feel for yourself what frequencies/feelings are 5D or 3D

He explained eagerly in his website.

For those of you who are so desperate to lose weight, it’s probably worth to give this Breathing thingy a visit. Who knows that you can turn into superhuman as a bonus for losing weight.

Whether you believe this or not, I'll let you to decide. I doubt it will make any difference anyway since since you need $10 million in order to become a true Breatharian.

Brooks wrote a sales-letter to advertise his Breatharian workshop which was probably meant to mimic the infamous get-rich-quick sales letter.

“You will also learn how to become a permanent resident and/or retire in this beautiful world.
The process starts at an initial costs as low as $10,000,000.00 USD
This special offer will last for only 2 months

No Refunds

Sept 1, 2007 the cost will be $15,000,000 USD

November 1, 2007 the cost will be 20,000,000.00 USD

January 1, 2008 the cost will be 25,000,000.00 USD”

That’s a pretty convincing sales letter isn’t it? Hurry! I need to sign up now before the cost is raised!

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  1. Norrad said...

    Light and Air? These people are bonkers. After 4 days they will be weak as hell. Mmmm, maybe thats what Nicole Richie is on.

  2. Brice said...

    For once I am nearly lost or words.
    What the heck is this idea getting any kind of publicity for. Total load of rubbish.

  3. Shane said...

    "while another practitioner has claimed to live on light and air for the past 30 years with the exception of occasional snacking of McDonald and diet coke."

    Of all the things ot eat if you are breaking this regime? :)and it had the be diet coke!!!!

  4. Leigh said...

    Sound like a permenant diet to illness to me. Ludicrous for this person to even try to convince people it could work for even days let alone the timescales they mention

  5. The OE said...

    Covert operatives don't need light, but air is generally required.

    A secret agent who brings a burrito to a stakeout is likely to find himself a very lonely secret agent.

  6. Cherry said...

    I guess you people can't ascend to the fifth dimension to float into the sky yet, but that doesn't stop you from drinking diet coke.

  7. Anonymous said...

    What a crap ! And 10 million for his seminar, I'll give him a McD coupon instead.

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