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I came across this interesting research from Men’s Health which talked about World’s Healthiest Countries to live in.

This research examined several factors which contributed to the ‘healthiness’ of a guy. Around 20,000 men from worldwide were asked to participate in this research. The conclusions were also very interesting, they came up with 5 categories such as fitness, stress, sex, nutrition and health then they analyzed which countries ranked as the World’s Healthiest for each category.

1. Fitness
Netherlands ranked as the first while Canada came close in the second place. It’s easy enough to predict what made Netherlands touted as the best country in term of fitness, the bicycle!
Most people in Netherlands rely on bicycle to do their activities. And there’s only one outcome which results from hours and hours spent on cycling, sexy abs!

Canada is ranked on second because there is a great number of parks and public spaces in that country. I guess that motivates people to exercise or just to do a great number of walking regularly.

Most sedentary country: Romania

2. Stress
Spain is the country where stress is not too apparent amongst its fellow employees and workers. One of the reasons is the habit of Spanish to take meeting outside their corporate fortress.
They prefer to have their coffee produced in their favorite coffee shop instead of the office’s pantry. Well, I am sure if I can work in this company which allows its employee to exercise during work hours then I’ll wave stress goodbye without hitting Starbucks.

World’s most stressful country: India

3. Nutrition
Portugal ranked in the top spot of this category while Spain ranked as the runner up. People in Portugal eat around one serving of fish a day due to the fact that fish is easy to get there (it’s a coastal county). Fish is rich in Omega 3 (the good fatty acid) which I am too lazy to write about.

Place where diet is the worst: Ukraine.

4. Sex
United Kingdom ranked as number one, followed by Poland. British men know how to use their mouth according to this research. Don’t think dirty, that means British men always communicate with their partner in order to make sex enjoyable for both of them. Sex plays an important rule in our life and also in our diet. Better sex will reduce your stress level thus enabling you to cope with your diet better. Remember that stress mostly lead to overeating and making unwise decisions regarding to food.

Where sex is ugly: Italy.

I seriously think that this research will stir controversies, especially in listed countries. However, I still find this research is highly interesting although it may not be really accurate since the opinions from the respondents may not reflect the actual condition in the particular countries. Just enjoy this as a good read and take the leaves out of all the number one countries listed above.

Read more about the research in Men's Health and MSNBC.


  1. Anonymous said...

    People in China will rank as the fittest people on earth if only they are not into the fast food fad. People there do a lot of cycling but they also eat a lot of fast food junk .

  2. Cain said...

    British men being the best at sex????
    As a British man we have always been told that we are far too reserved when it comnes to sex. Guess this result must be down to younger men being those researched for the article.

  3. Leigh said...

    Having seen a few irrate Spanish drivers in my time on the continent I would have to disagree that they are the least stressed.

  4. Shane said...

    Interesting read , but havinfg seen this type of research before the variations used always end up with different countries coming out on top.

  5. Phillip said...

    China should rank as the country which people get the most nutrients. I have seen something horribly like monkey brain for sale there.

  6. Soju said...

    I am not surprised to see Korea nowhere in the list. We drink soju like there's no tomorrow :D

  7. Sean said...

    Why all the listed countries are western country? Asian are not good in all aspect? sigh...

  8. Cherry said...

    India was listed there Sean, guess the respondents from Asia were very disgruntled about their countries so they gave bad feedback :D.

  9. suzie said...

    Any British guys out there...?

  10. abjr said...

    If i was interviewed for this survey, I would prove that this article is flawed. Why? I live in Canada. Was not born in Canada. I work out 5 times a week. My regular daily diet consists of bread and cereals in the morning. Whole wheat pasta at lunch. Meat and vegetables for dinner. I take my daily vitamins. I always make it a priority to satisfy my girlfriend during sex using my mouth and my tool. My part time job is playing in a Band. I try to laugh at least 3 times a day!!!

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