Getting traffic for your blog has never been an easy job. Sometimes, the lack of visitors can really discourage a blogger from staying in the blogosphere. Here's a new idea of generating traffic for blog which doesn't cost any money (FREE) and may probably work well for you.

Blogrush is a new breakthrough by John Reese. It's a banner exchange system where you display a widget on your blog, and the widget will load relevant or similar posts from other blogs. In return, your latest post will also be displayed in other blog as well every time your page is opened. Sounds cool right?

They also have some sort of impression bonus thingy which I don't bother to read. All I know is, if you refer another blogger then you will get extra impression. Since Blogrush is a new fad, chance is your fellow bloggers won't have known about it. So sign up now and try it for yourself. After all if this thing doesn't work, you can always take it off. No risk involved. (Beware, the link contains my referral, *evil grin*).

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