We have an environment friendly car, we have a car which can park by itself, we have a car which can turn off its engine automatically but do you know that we have a car that can tell you if you have been eating too much?

This idea is invented by a Russian professor from New Haven University called Yefim Krieger. Mr. Kriger's idea of a talking car might not be a big hit but it was surely very interesting and quirky at the same time.

He found a weight censor device which can be installed in your car, this device will find out if you have been eating unhealthy and display a ‘caring’ alert for you.

When you install this device, it will ask you to create a profile first. Through a touch screen display, then you will be prompted to your their doctors’ phone number just in case of emergency.

Then the device would weigh the passengers using the weight responsive units installed below the front seat. It will periodically measure your weight and will alert you where your weight is trending north.

In addition of alerting, it will also display the future projection of your weight and your size with the hope that it will make you start eating healthier. And just when you are confused about what to eat, it will also display a diet and exercise program which is tailored according to your historical data.

It sounds like a great idea with just one tiny drawback. It will be annoying.

Quoted from the NYTimes:

But watch out - the car can be brutally honest. Eat poorly or fail to exercise and the car will sound an alarm or display admonishments.
"You ate too much! Don't do it next time or Oh, you're overweight! What happened?”

I can imagine that this device won’t have too many of these pre-recorded alerts and it will get annoying if we have to listen to the same pattern of voice over and over again. Considering that people averagely use their car for more than three years, driving while listening to this alert in three years can be substantially boring and annoying.

LoseThatTyre.co.uk reckoned that this device can be a prototype of a modern car. Cars which can drive you away from the nearby fast food drive through if you are overweight. Now that would be cool.

Source: NY Times

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  1. Emma said...

    Lol, this one is sure funny. People who need this may be very desperate!

  2. shern's mom said...

    try askin an aneroxic person to sit in that car carryin a huge bag of sand. it might also trigger the alarm 'beep beep'..'obese obese'..
    must be quite funny to watch..

  3. Cain said...

    I just wonder how much this would cost and whether anyone would be willing to buy it?

  4. Wayne said...

    Next we will be having cars that tell us when to sleep and %"&*!

  5. Leigh said...

    I think before long we are going to have a flood of people going to hospital suffering from a mental illness caused by all these gadgets telling them they are overweight or don't eat this, don't eat that.

  6. Mark said...

    I can't think of less useful invention. Who would want to install this device on his car? Not to mention that people can get diet plan for free in the internet.

  7. Ellen said...

    Gosh, perhaps I will smash the car if it keeps telling me that I am overweight.

  8. Sean said...

    wao! your site has a new look~
    Now even car also can help in weight loss... that's coOL.

  9. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments and this indeed is bizarre. No wonder it didn't list where we can install the gadget, probably no one wanted to stock it.

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