Do you fancy that flashy hula chair exercise gadget but can’t find the space to have it in your home? Do you regularly complain that you never have enough space to put any exercise or fitness gadget? Then here’s a compact and simple exercise gadget sold at Carol Wright Gifts, the door knob exerciser. At first glance, I couldn’t help feeling intrigued since the description listed on the website sounded too good to be true.

“This easy-to-use exerciser loops over any doorknob to give you a total-body workout in minutes. Just follow the simple exercise instructions to trim your waist, tighten your stomach, tone your bust, slim your hips and strengthen your arms, legs, chest and back. Ideal for anyone who doesn't have the time or patience for expensive programs and health clubs.” (ref)

Okay, obviously you can virtually do anything from toning your bust to tighten your stomach using these rubber bands but the possibility of getting strangled in the heaps of rubber bands is also virtually present.

You can call me paranoid but when I looked at the image posted in their website, the picture of someone opening the door from the other side while I am lying on the other side with my hands and knees tied up to the knob keeps floating in my head.

I can also see a lot of other tragic scenarios which can possibly arise by using this device but that's just me. I am sure people won’t mind.

This device can be bought at here.

Past Edition of Freaky Friday


  1. Wayne said...

    I could have sworn that this device was around in the seventies and eighties? I remember because I thought the same thing of someone opening the door.

  2. Brice said...

    As long as you can lock the door I can see the potential in this! Portable, easy to use and hopefully pretty cheap to buy.

  3. Leigh said...

    Looks like a good idea as you could take it anywhere to use in a dinner break.At $8 it wont break the bank!

  4. Ellen said...

    The company could do with better illustration picture. The one that they put turned me off immediately.

  5. Scott said...

    Hi, Cherry, I see you have changed the design. I love it! I miss the previous image on the sidebar but I guess the cherries at the top will suffice, for now ;)

    Freaky post here, for sure...kind of worried for the poor old door knobs as they will, sooner or later, bust out from the door and no longer serve their purposes. Best of luck to any users of this freaky exercise piece, don't think it's for me, though.

    Take care, Cherry, we still have about half day left in our weekend. I believe yours is over by now. Hope you had a good one. See ya!

  6. Cherry said...

    Well you can just lock the door to avoid the serious injury but I doubt the quality of the rubber band also since it's just priced at $8.

  7. Norrad said...

    Woah, that looks like something out of a Sci-fi movie. Imagine if someonw opens the door while you are using it?

    I can imagine some other uses for those rubber bands though. Imagine the stinging power :-)

  8. L.R. said...

    I used to have one of these in the 70s and loved it. The problem with today's devices is that they're made of inferior materials. The pulleys on my older models were made of metal; today, plastic. I recently picked up a device made by a famous gym. It broke almost immediately.

  9. Di said...

    I also had one in the 70s, and still have it. It was great; but I've lost the instructions. If anyone has a set I'd love to start using it again.

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