Are you struggling to lose weight in the work place? Instead of those snacks filled vending machines, your colleagues may be the one that cause you to gain weight according to a new survey by HR Zone. The eating habit that your neighboring work colleagues pose can potentially affect your weight, at least that’s what this survey result showed.

In a study involving 2,000 workers, three quarter of them blamed their weight gain to their colleagues sitting in the nearby cubicles. Three quarter of them believed that they gained weight because their work colleagues were spreading unhealthy eating influence. 57% of the participants also admitted that they ate lunch earlier than they wanted to since they saw their colleagues eating theirs. And 10% admitted that they chewed candies and chocolates too when they saw their neighbors eating snacks.

A part of the participants also said that boredom was the culprit of excessive snacking in the office. Well I guess M&Ms and chips are present in a lot of cubicles.

Not surprisingly, this research also highlighted the lack of willpower that the participants possessed. Three quarter of the participants confessed that they have promised to eat healthily on Sunday but this weekend resolution fell apart on Tuesday. To conclude the survey, they said that IT and recruitment workers are on top of the office snacking chart.

I guess it’s easier to blame on somebody else when we gain weight rather than trying to find the solution within ourselves. Moral of the story, you can go ahead and blame everybody for your weight gain and still nothing change or you can start to develop your willpower, sound eating plan and experience a change without blaming it to your surrounding.

Source of this study: HR Zone UK
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  1. Janet said...

    I don't have a problem with snacking in the office, but I do get frustrated with all the obligatory meetings with pizza and other crappy food.

  2. Ellen said...

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    This template is better than the old one, it gives a professional look. I know the pain of modifying a blogger template (especially the custom made one like this) so thumbs up for this template.

  3. Cain said...

    This makes sense as we choose one person to go to the snack bar for our lunchtime order. To make it easy for them we mostly order the same kind of junk food.

  4. Tasha said...

    It's boring in my office and we tend to be busy only for two weeks in a month (deadline weeks). So for the rest of the weeks most of us spend the time by snacking and chatting with each other.

  5. Leigh said...

    So we should be setting an example for others to follow then if this behaviour is true?

  6. Brice said...

    I generally take pre made sndwiahes to work and a few snacks that I like so as not to be tempted by all those chocolate bars.

  7. Cherry said...

    And that's why I am not going to look forward for an employment. Freelancing is my way :). I love the freedom.

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