Starting a diet is easy! It doesn’t take you more than a desire to start a diet. But it’s a different ball game there when it comes to maintaining a diet.

Many people have banished sweets from their life, reduce their portion yet still nothing happen. When this bitter truth arises, many dieters start to slack their diet routine and eventually quit. Here are some of the most commons reasons why your diet may not be working for you and how to overcome them.

1. Hidden Calories
We may be consuming more calories than we realize. Even the low fat snacks don’t contain as few calories as you imagine it to be. Be wary when you consume something which is labeled as ‘low’ or ‘free’, they are not as ‘low’ as they appear to be. You may end up consuming much more than you would have to normally and load up a bulk number of calories unconsciously. Coffee is also one of the drinks which are often loaded with additional calories. The coffee itself isn’t waist bulging but the toppings are!

Solution: Be wary when you have that ‘sugar free’ or ‘low fat’ drinks or meals. Don’t over consume them.

2. Expecting an Instant Result
Many people hop on to a diet and expect to see an instant result. When they don’t, they become discouraged. The problem is, a healthy weight loss rate is approximately 2 pounds a week. And this rate doesn’t go on a straight line; it means there will be time when you will gain a part of your weight back; there will be time when your weight will remain unchanged.

Solution: Avoid the temptation to step on the weight scales frequently. Realize that a healthy weight loss is an ongoing process. Your weight won’t be declining in a smooth line. Don’t get discouraged just because you don’t see constant result.

3. Laziness
It’s easier to order Pizza from the delivery man rather than whipping your own meals or go to a healthy restaurant. It’s also easier to say ‘I am tired’ rather than attending the aerobic class you have enrolled to. Many of us don’t want to walk that ‘extra mile’ in order to optimize our diet. Laziness will multiply itself when we slack ourselves. Once we have let laziness make the decision for us, it’ll be harder for us to prevent laziness from ruling our decision again in the future. Substantially this can be a diet destroyer.

Solution: Focus on your goal. Remember that each time you take the ‘easy’ way, you are literally stepping away a step further from your goal.

4. Generalized Diet Plan
People often stick with standardized diet plan without even considering whether their body can handle the diet or not. Many people are blindly following a diet method without any consideration at all. The fact is, human’s body is unique. What works for a person may or may not work for other person. If you have diligently following a diet method but still see no result after a period of time then it’s worth visiting your dietician for a consultation. Similarly, you may need to consult a personal trainer in order to work out a sound exercise schedule which suits your body and metabolism.

Solution: Don’t hesitate to ask for professional advice.


  1. ♥ Hayley said...

    Number 2 is definitely where I go wrong. I'm so impatient!
    And when I see numbers going back up, it just makes me want to eat ice cream. ;_; hehe

  2. Leigh said...

    I am always guilty of number 4 and fail within a day at most. I really must make the effort not to generalize my diet plan as I should know by now it just does not work.

  3. Wayne said...

    I always want instant result so guess number 2 is relevant to me. I even expect to loose say a pound or two by the first evening!

  4. Shane said...

    Must admit I have used them all in my years. About at the stage now where I just think to myself prevention is far better than trying to cure excess pounds when I see chocolate cake:)

  5. Norrad said...

    Dieting in Thailand would be absolutely impossible. There are too many temptations. As I look out my window, I see about 20 food carts within a 50 metre distance. Aaarrrgghhh, will power failing, must buy chicken and sticky rice.

  6. Cherry said...

    Dieting in Indonesia (in fact most South Asean countries) is also difficult. But I guess when you have enough of those coconut milk based dishes, then you can start dieting ;D.

  7. bad diet said...

    reason why people fail for diet is they are not committed and some time people eat for emotional...

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