eating pizzaEverybody is bound to have a bad day. Whether it’s your romance or your career, you will need something comforting to get through that bad day. Unfortunately, food is one of the most sought things during depression.

This can’t be truer for most cases, we all need a hug but we also need something to gulp down our throat. Regrettably we often blame stress or emotional eating as the culprit behind our growing waist size. Here is the top ten foods list which people often choose to reduce their stress level complete with their impact to our waist:

10. Pizza
This food has always been the people’s favorite, be it a football match or just a stressful night. Pizza is highly laden in carbohydrate which makes use calm. The problem is, it’s also highly laden in fat and the amount of carbohydrate in a pizza is tremendous. Not to mention the giant serving size that people in States have. Your waist will inflate way too soon if you stay long under the pizza’s reign.

9. Coffee
I personally think that it’s strange for people to drink coffee when they are stressed. Caffeine may have a temporary calming effect by alert us but it’s not long until the drawback symptoms happen. In 12 or 24 hours, your body will feel withdrawal symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and irritability. People don’t find difficulties in dealing with those symptoms though; they simply take another cup of coffee (read about diet coffee pantyhose here).

8. Processed Sugar
Strawberry pop, sugar tart, you name it. These sweet stuffs are highly laden in processed sugar and can temporarily help us relieve stress. It discharges glucose which increases serotonin production. Serotonin is the brain chemical which tranquilizes you. Serotonin production is also triggered by carbohydrates. A little sugar won’t make you fat but the problem is, the tranquilizing effect caused by sugar is not long lasting. It leaves our bloodstream rapidly making you crave for another bite. Add this up and you’ll end up eating more than you want or need to.

ice cream chocolate7. Ice Cream
Same as sugar, ice cream is craved for its sweet taste. The problem with ice cream is, you will end up eating a large portion of it. It just takes a couple of spoonful to gobble up a scoop of ice cream. To have any noticeable effect, people often eat a large quantity of ice cream which of course threatens your waist dangerously. Try taking sorbet instead. Sorbet is the low fat or non fat version of ice cream and tastes just as great for me.

6. Fries and Burger
Just like pizza, fries and burger are highly laden in carbohydrates which can calm our body. I often see people eat a lot of burgers and fries when they are stressed. In addition to their beer belly, they have Trans fat as a problem too. They also put themselves in serious heart disease risk with an overload of fast food consumption. If you really need to have carbs then try whole wheat pasta based dish.

5. Biscuits
People rarely turn into a whole grain plain salted biscuit when they are stressed. It’s always Oreo or chips. People often justify themselves by taking the low fat version of the biscuits. But most of the times they will end up eating more when they have the low fat version. “Hey it’s low fat, so I can take another extra serving.” Not to mention that most low fat version only contain 20% less calories.

4. Chocolate
This is another orthodox choice. Eating too much of these will obviously threaten your waist size but if nothing else works (or nothing else matters) then at least choose the dark chocolate. They are laden with antioxidants to battle heart disease and cancer. Make sure that it’s composed of mainly dark cocoa. Those colored M&Ms surely won’t do. If the chocolate comes in liquid form then it’s better to drink hot chocolate than coffee.

3. Chamomile Tea
This tea can produce soothing effect and often act as sleep aid for people with sleeping disorder. I love to take this hot tea and sip it slowly. If you use sensible amount of sugar then there’s no risk of weight gain.

2. Yogurt
Yogurt is incredibly refreshing if served cold. They are often laden with fruits which are high in fibre or vitamin C which are stress fighter oxidant. Try to top your yogurt with berries and other fruits of your preferences and serve it cold. You can also get your hand on frozen yogurt which is often considerably sweeter. At least they are better than chocolate ice cream to your waist due to their low calorie number.

salmon sushi1. Sushi
Try to eat sushi which uses fish or crabstick. Fish is laden with B6 and B12 which are the main producers of serotonin. In addition to that, fish such as salmon is laden with omega 3 fatty acid which is the good fat. Sushi which uses crabstick (kani) is also a good choice. Crabstick is also rich in B12. The hand roll sushi which is wrapped in seaweed (nori) is also rich in magnesium which is also another stress buster.


  1. evelynpy said...

    I Love Pizza and coffe, no matter what happen if i eat that dish too much...
    Hmm yummy....

  2. Janet said...

    I think the reason coffee is a stress reliever for me is because it is something familiar and a calmin part of my morning ritual.

  3. Angelina said...

    Chamomile tea is the true tranquilizer for me. It works as a sedative for me and I always have a pack ready at home.

  4. shern's mom said...

    i love fries no matter how much my sis reminded me "fries makes you fat".
    fries, my love.

  5. Cain said...

    I always thought Coffee was bad because of the stimulant effect? Personally bacon sandwiches and a nice cup of tea is my stress reliever!

  6. Shane said...

    Too true about the carbs. Why is it that what is bad for your waistline is so good for your mental health?

  7. Sean said...

    OMG! Most of the foods which served as reliever are high in calories... I like coffee, chocolate, and ice cream... but I'll try to avoid them, muhahah~

  8. Cherry said...

    Well it's a personal choice. If you rate it from the effectiveness, the high carb option such as Pizza will act best as stress reliever. In a perfect world, we are all will nibble almond and eat berries to relieve our stress. Too bad perfect world doesn't exist, so there you go pizza and ice cream.

    Anyway as long as you don't overeat it's okay. I find that I have good self control when it comes to pizza. I eat small serving and I eat sensibly. I have trouble with sugary foods though so I better avoid it when I am under pressure.

  9. Brice said...

    I think as long as you take things in moderation then comfort food is OK

  10. acel said...

    a lot of fat it means that tremendous is in your hand. hehehehehehehe...

  11. cbenc12 said...

    For me, I can't go with my daily cuppa coffee!!! But only one a day, not too much hor?
    On top of that I enjoy fries too~ Yummy, but so sinful :P

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