Going on a diet is actually simpler than you think. Most people put a lot of emphasizes in how many calories and carbohydrates they have in a meal without realizing there are other factors which are also important in diet. While doing exercises is also critical, many people still have problem in dealing with their eating habit. Here are my 6 list for better eating.

6. Plan your mini meals

If snacking becomes a part of your daily habit then try to have mini meals instead of snacking. Plan your mini meals beforehand so that you don’t end up eating too many of them. A bar of chocolate taken three times a day can easily ruin your diet, so the best bet you have is to plan your snacks and mini meals beforehand. At least you will sit down and think whether you really want to lose weight or not before planning your mini meals.

5. Don’t be a calorie geek

The golden rule of weight loss is that your calorie intake should be less than your outtake. But that doesn’t mean you should bring your calculator and count up your meals. Just do a general research on the internet about your menu and you’ll get the big picture. Diet is already stressing, don’t make things harder by unnecessarily counting up every calories that you are going to have. As long as you maintain a sensible portion then you’ll do fine.

4. Reduce your portion

An easy way to kick start your diet is to reduce your portion slightly. You don’t need to radically reduce your portion unless your current portion is too much. If your friends don’t frown at your current portion then chance is, you only need to reduce your current portion by 10 – 20%. Start small and reduce the first 10% first and give your body time to adapt itself to the new portion. The key is to start slowly and gradually, treat your stomach gently.

3. Calories are supposed to be eaten not drunk.

You already get tons of calories from your meals; you don’t need to add them up by drinking soda or other fizzy drink.

2. Discover your food fetish

Everybody has a fetish of something. For example, I have a fetish for b├ęchamel based dish like this Salmon Doria. Most of the time, the food which you have fetish on is not the type of food which is kind to your waist. Allow yourself to eat things you shouldn't occasionally. You won’t get fat instantly just because you have eaten something that you shouldn’t. In fact, you have just made your diet easier and a whole lot more pleasant by giving yourself an occasional treat.

1. Use your teeth
Chew your food! There’s a reason that you have teeth. Don’t gulp on your food but enjoy it slowly. Don’t eat in haste as you won’t likely to enjoy your food that way. By eating slowly, not only that you get to enjoy your food but you will feel more satisfied in the end.


  1. Scott said...

    Great tips! I definitely need to work on those mini meals (as well as portion control). I think my fetish (for food) would be sushi. I love most sushi rolls with the garlic ponzu sauce- I wonder how many calories are contained in those delicious japanese treats.

    And, the fizz movement is big in the bay but I never got into it. Regardless, I just stick to tea and/or water mostly anyway.

    These darn midnight (or after) cravings tend to get the best of me. My sweet tooth likes some sweet/sour candies, like the airhead xtremes (rainbow berry) belts. You'll get those in Indonesia? They are quite the sweet treat, miss ;)

    Anywhoo, back to it, see ya!

  2. Shane said...

    I always find that making the meal last as long as possible with tips such as chewing the food makes dieting easier for me as there is less time inbetween meals!

  3. Nicole said...

    I can't see myself eating slowly actually. Everything seems in a rush these days. I guess people need to slow down!

  4. Kelly said...

    My fetish is pizza. Seriously I love pizza way too much. Too bad there's so many calories in one serving. My husband is even worse than me. He often enjoys pizza along with couple glasses of beer and a football match. That's deadly!

  5. shern's mom said...

    eat slowly? chinese are fast eaters. super fast. how to chew and chew continuously for 2 minutes and not swallow. see how we can have a full course meal and finish in less than 1 hour?

  6. Sean said...

    I chew my foods slowly, my friends said I eat too slow... sigh... But I think it is good for digestion.

  7. Leigh said...

    Problem with me is that all my food fetish's are bad for me. Choclate, and crisps :)

  8. Brice said...

    Having mini meals is a great way to eat sensibly. Too many people restrict themselves to one well proportioned meal per day and eat nothing for the rest of the day. All this does is mess up the bodies metablolism

  9. Cherry said...

    Shern's mommy: Well I am not so fast eater. I guess it depends on how hungry you are. The hungrier you are, the faster you'll eat. There's an old adage here which says: if you sweat when you are eating but you don't sweat when you are working, then that means you'll be a rich man. People who eat slow like me rarely sweat during eating ;).

    Salmon and eel sushi contains 200 calories per four ounce. If your sushi is tiny then it will contain less than that. Shrimp sushi contain even lesser calorie than fish sushi. What's airhead extremes? Never heard of them. I guess they are colorful candy?

    There's also another tips which I am not so sure about. Some people drink water while taking the meals, some drink water after they finish the meal. Personally I think drinking while eating your meal will make you eat less and give your stomach a little break.

  10. Scott said...

    Yes, Cherry, they are colorful sweet/sour candy. Try your local 7/11 (quickie mart) and see if you can't find some. Be careful- if you like me and have fetish for sweet tooth food, you may like them a lot.

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