If you think stapling your ear to curb your appetite is way too overboard then here’s a painless and (cheaper) way for you to curb your appetite. I’ve seen many companies sell lip balm, but a lip balm which can help you lose weight? You can keep your lip glossy and lose weight at the same time, what a great idea. But again I must say that the idea does not sound very convincing for me.

This lip balm is claimed to contain many plant extracts such as peppermint, spearmint, Yerba Mate, and a bunch of other plants which have good names. By applying the lip balm to your lip, the magical extract of those plants will curb your craving and voila, you will lose weight. Glossy lip and sexy hip!

I don’t know about you but for me this lip balm thingy looks very dodgy. If this works as good as it’s advertised then all the appetite suppressant diet pills will go out of business. Why would people swallow those expensive diet pills if they can just apply this lip balm over and over again, rinse and repeat.

There are many companies who produce this lip balm. The cheapest lip balm that I know is sold at Goodtobeyou.com at US$12. This lip balm contains peppermint, grapefruit and spearmint fragrances (just the fragrances then?) and I have no idea how long they last but I assume it should last one month unless you smoke it.

Desoriente sells a slightly more expensive diet lip balm which contains nine ingredients with wonderful names such as grapefruit oil, yerba mate oil and evening primrose oil. This is priced at $12.95 which makes it a lucrative deal. The most expensive diet lip balm which I found is Promise Lip Balm which is sold at whooping $29.95.

I hope they invent a lip balm which can curb shopping, that will become a big hit for sure. Happy weekend.

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  1. Intancen said...

    This is so funny. I can soak my scarf in aromatherapy and sell it as diet scarf infused with strawberry and apple extract.

  2. Shane said...

    It may sound stupid but I have to agree that if I haven't eaten breakfast before I brush my teeth, the taste of the pepermint seems to stop me feeling like I want to eat!

  3. shern's mom said...

    i have a berry flavored lip balm. it taste so damn good that every time i applied it on, i will give it a lick or two.
    but your diet lip balm is sure more interestin. haha.

  4. The OE said...

    A secret agent never knows when lip balm will come in handy but they best know if it's actually lip balm lest they endanger National security.

  5. Leigh said...

    I have some friends who have used aromatherapy to relax as part of dieting but never to take away any cravings??????

  6. wayne said...

    I have seen some strange approaches which work on the physcological aspects of dieting but this is one of the wackiest!

  7. Cherry said...

    This idea is even harder to believe than the sunscreen lotion which makes you tight.

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