Is Wii Fit the Real Deal?

Nintendo recently announced a new game and accessory to accompany an already impressive array of possibilities on its new Wii game console: Wii Fit. The actual product looks sort of like a scale without any weight display (which might already appeal to people who hate looking down to see that number). With Wii Fit, Nintendo is looking to become even more family-oriented by offering an add-on to a gaming console that has already been said to be lowering body fat in children across the nation.

The product, not slated for release until the beginning of 2008, uses an add-on called the Wii Balance Board. This add-on is pressure-sensitive and calibrated specifically to each individual who uses it. It is normally used by standing on it but can also be used by putting weight on it with different parts of the body. All told, Wii Fit can be used for aerobic exercise, muscle conditioning, yoga, balance games, and to measure key health indicators like BMI and Nintendo’s own Wii Fit Age.

The only concern about Wii Fit is that it may cost too much. Although the price has not been finalized, GameStop lists the product at $69.99. This is a full $20 more expensive than a normal Nintendo Wii game. At least one blogger wonders whether a $70 price tag will keep away the casual consumer.

I disagree. I’m excited for Wii Fit and applaud Nintendo’s health-conscious approach to their new gaming console. Consumers have to remember that Nintendo Wii is considered one of the most affordable gaming consoles available, and that $70 for one game is standard on most consoles even when add-ons need not be included.

Furthermore, the Wii Balance Board is unlike anything that has ever been available for the home consumer. Although I can’t claim a full understanding of Wii technology, it seems to me that the Balance Board is one step beyond the Wii Remote and that it is specifically designed for the health and wellness of the consumer (and the money of the owner of course).

Can you think of any other gaming company that gives two hoots about the health and wellness of their consumers? I didn’t think so. Until then, I’m willing to pay a few extra bucks to Nintendo. Of course I won’t place the responsibility of keeping my weight to Nintendo. Healthy eating and exercises are the main deal, Wii is just a bonus.

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