Get Paid to Lose Weight

Most of us who dwell on the internet must be familiar with the old get paid to read email or get paid to surf offers. While those typical 'get paid to' programs are famous for their lousy pay, a town in Italy is promoting another 'get paid to' program which has lucrative pay.

Residents of Varallo, Italy must be really fired up to lose weight since they will be paid for it. The Mayor announced that men who lose 4 kilograms in a month will be paid 50 Euro (roughly US$67). Women can get the same amount of money by losing just 3 kilograms. And you can get way a lot of more by maintaining your weight loss in 5 months. To encourage people to start a different lifestyle, the mayor announced that those people who manage to lose the initial weight will be rewarded another whooping 200 Euro (around US$ 268) if they can keep their weight in shape for another five months.

The mayor said that the motivation behind this program is to encourage people to do a group diet. It's hard to lose weight alone so it will be easier if they can do it in a group so they can encourage each other. Another growing concern is the healthy Mediterranean diet based foods which was popular in Italy is slowly losing popularity to processed foods. While the amount of money offered is not overly huge, the reward will motivate people to have a healthier lifestyle. Of course pizza may be losing its popularity in its homeland with this get paid to lose weight program.

Full story here.


  1. Sherry said...

    I wish cities in US and UK also imitate this step. But again this will be hard to pull with bigger city.

  2. Scott said...

    Shoo, if this happens in the states, count me in!

    p.s. hope you are felling better, Cherry, we miss you ;)

  3. shern's mom said...

    this is interestin. doubt we'll ever hear a thing like that in my country. well, maybe the obesity rate there is alarmin. maybe.

  4. Sean said...

    I've tagged you for "If you have 1 million dollar..." at
    Hope you will write about it.

    Btw, I understand this comment is bit off topic, hope you don't mind ;)

  5. Cain said...

    I can just see all the thin people crying discrimination! Perhaps a financial incentive to remain at an average weight would be better for everyone?

  6. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments, I am getting better but yet the amount of work is still mounting so I can't get any proper rest.

    The obesity rate is not alarming there but it's just the idea of the mayor. I agree that this is impossible to pull in bigger city.

    Imagine how much money they have to pay of they do this program in Vegas.

  7. Shane said...

    Ican see their point because the healthcare for obesity related illness must be far more than what they are trying to incentivise these guys with?

  8. Leigh said...

    Think I will move to Italy. It is about the only method I haven't tried yet.

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