Mobile phone technology and concepts have evolved dramatically during the past 10 years. During the 2000, a mobile phone with white light background and no other features was already considered cool. But now every mobile phone seems to include various add-ons such as mp3 or camera. The creator of this phone went even further by incorporating a ‘nose’ inside the phone to help you on your diet.

The technologically advanced ‘nose’ will sniff what you have just eaten through a series of complicated process. It will track your food intake and then it will use its cutting edge brain to tell you what you are lacking in your food consumption. Great, exactly what I need, a green avocado which tells me that I should eat more salad.

The phone also has another feature which the designer seemed to be proud of. Users of this phone with similar goals setting can network with each other and motivate each other. The only problem with this is there don’t seem too many people who will use this phone.

Honestly, I think the design is plain ugly. Why does it have to be shaped like a battered mango? Perhaps the designer wanted her phone to be remarkable. She did the job well then, I am not likely going to forget such phone in a hurry. Why did they use plastic green color in the first place? That makes the phone looked like a children’s toy than cutting edge health phone.

The idea behind this phone is nothing phenomenal too. I don’t need a battered mango to tell me that I should be eating fruit instead of chips. Heck I think that most people don’t need this also. We already know that pizza is not good while a salad is. Even if we have this green mango to remind us, that’s not likely going to stop us from consuming what we want to consume. And did I mention that the design is horrible?

Found this horrible phone on Yanko Design.

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  1. Shane said...

    Mobiles these days are supposed to look cool and this one certainly doesn't do anything for me, and to incorperate some sniffing device is just way over the top!

  2. Leigh said...

    That has to be one of the worst inventions I have seen recently. The technology which is supposed to be incorperated into the device could surely be put to better use?

  3. Scott said...

    Wow, that's weird and freaky looking. Not for me but, if you want to chat with your new battered mango phone, feel free to call me anytime :D

  4. Brice said...

    It doesn't mention how much the phone is but what a waste it would be for people to buy it.
    I would love to hear it say 'Go get some chocolate down your neck!'

  5. triathlontraining said...

    Indeed, this is truly an ugly phone. It looks like a tumor! Yuck!

  6. GReddy4u said...

    This is being quite innovative; however, this is a horrible design in my opinion. Looks easy to hold and grip, but the screen would get scratched for sure.

  7. Jackie said...

    They are such a pain as you can never have any peace and quiet anymore.

    What also scares me is the physical effect they will have on children as even pre-school children seem to have them now. Mobiles should carry a warning like cigarettes packets do.

  8. Sean said...

    I can't even regconized it is a mobile phone... yucckk...

  9. Cherry said...

    Perhaps I should change the title to "Ugliest Phone I've ever Seen"

    Full offense to the designer.

  10. Sais said...

    While I'm in no means certain about the phone's "usefulness", perhaps the author of the article should consider taking English lessons before making any further attempts at putting people with potentially good ideas down.

    A well-phrased put-down can be humourous, but a poorly phrased one just sounds like you have nothing worthwhile to talk about.

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