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We know how hard it is to ignore those chocolate bars and fancy candies when we are on a diet. The problem can be easily solved if you are living alone though, just don’t buy any stuffs which can potentially threaten your diet.

That’s not the case for people who are living with their family or worse, children. Surely your kids will scream in protest if you set the zero sugar policy in the house. Having zero calories sugar can be a solution also for some people if there’s any satisfactory zero calories sugar manufacturer who can ship to your area.

Bim Bam Banana has come up with a creative or impractical solution for that problem. This online unique gift shop sells Diet Jar which is intended to aid people with lack of self control. At a first glance, Diet Jar appears to be like a normal jar, but upon second glance you will notice the complicated lid on the top of the jar.

This diet jar has a built in timer the lid which you can set before you stow your precious candies inside. You can set how long you will stow your snacks before you can open it again. The nifty thing is, there will be shocking consequences if you decide to change your mind. Cheaters, be warned!

The website doesn’t list what exactly the consequence is, but my guess is that the jar will be locked for even longer period of time which means that I will achieve the same result by just throwing the snacks into the garbage bin. I have contacted the company to clarify on this matter; I will update this entry once I get any response.

This diet jar is priced at USD $42.00 at Bim Bam Banana. I don’t complain about the price but I do complain about the size. At the size of just a small jar, the diet jar can only hold a few candies or a few chocolate bars. If only they sell a bigger jar then I’d consider buying it. In addition to candies and chocolate bars, bulky chips and sugary biscuits are also the most common snacks found in a house. It would be nice if we can stow those sinful treats into this little jar.

In a nutshell, this diet jar is a good product which can be developed into a really useful product if they can produce bigger jar or compartment. Parents can use this compartment as a lunch box or treat for their children to prevent children from snacking before the specified time. People with lack of self control can use this compartment as a lunch box either. But those are just wishful thinking since at the moment Bim Bam Banana doesn’t sell any bigger diet jar.

Bim Bam Banana Official Website

Diet Jar Information

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  1. Cain said...

    $42! Think how much chocolate and candy you could buy with that :). Does it really need to be a clear jar so that we can be tortured by seeing the offending items?

  2. Leigh said...

    I really can't see it working, so small it holds only a small amount, where does the rest of the chocolates and candy go? In the cupboard for easy access!

  3. Ellen said...

    Not really useful but hey it's an idea!

  4. Shane said...

    At least if you spend $42 on the jar you have less to spend on whatever tempts you!

  5. Health Freak Mommy said...

    This jar wld be a saviour to parents with kids who are addicted to candies. In my hse, i practise near-zero sugar policy for my kids and I.

  6. Scott said...

    lol, that's funny (and freaky ;) ). Personally, if the darn jar won't open, I'd just roll on down to the 7/11 and scoop up some sweet tooth satisfiers.

    Hope your weekend is going nicely, Cherry, take care!!

  7. david santos said...

    Very good work, thank you

  8. Cherry said...

    Your kids are all right with zero sugar policy HF Mommy? Kids still need sugar although it's best if the sugar does not come from wacky stuffs.

    I am not feeling well today (sore threat and another serious flu) so excuse me if I don't write lengthy comment.

  9. Scott said...

    Oh no! Get well soon, Cherry. Try you some hot soup, H2O and rest, little one.

    Hugs and kisses from Las Vegas,

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