I often emphasize on the importance of eating slowly. By eating slowly you will give your stomach the necessary time to signal to the brain whether it’s full or not. If you eat in a hurry (whether it’s because you are late or you are hungry) then more often than not, you will end up gobbling much more food than your stomach actually needs. Well, here’s the new invention to aid you folks who have trouble in eating slowly. Lo and behold, here comes the diet fork.

The diet fork is actually errr, a fork. This diet fork has three features, which the inventor boasts in the website:

1. The fork has shorter and duller teeth which results in harder time to grasp food. Well I can imagine my frustration if I have to chop down a steak while using a fork with dull teeth.

2. The diet fork comes up with is the smaller triangular surface area. This will prevent dieter in scooping too much food using the fork. Just in case someone is frustrated because he can’t chop any food and decide to use the fork as a spoon.

3. Last, the diet fork comes with a very uncomfortable grip. This will make dieter uncomfortable when holding the fork too long thus slowing down the eating speed.

If we look at the About Us section of the diet fork, some of the mysteries start to be unveiled. This diet fork is invented by the very same man, Sean Pomper, who invented the flavor spray diet. Although the principle behind this fork diet is sound, I hope Sean Pomper puts more effort in the marketing aspect. I can’t even see A SINGLE picture of the diet fork which is sold at his website. How the heck he expects me to buy something which I don’t even know. Not to mention that his website looks plain messy to me.

Priced at $8.95 for 10 pieces, I can’t tell whether this diet fork is reasonably priced or not. The inventor doesn’t put any information about the material used to manufacture this diet fork, not to mention that the lack of picture (the picture that I put here is the only picture I can find) really puts me off.

“The Diet Fork is my newest invention to help fight the battle of the bulge. Diet Forking is a new way to help lose weight while eating," said Sean Pomper. "I am always looking to develop new products that stay ahead of the curve of what America eats. We are living in a health-conscious society where people are constantly searching for a way to a healthier lifestyle -- and The Diet Fork is going to change they way we eat."

Sure it’s going to change the way we eat. I will end up frustrated and throw away my fork and use my hand instead. The new way of eating!

Disclaimer: This is just a personal opinion, in no way that I discourage or encourage you to buy any products I mention here.

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  1. Shane said...

    I agree we will just resort to our fingers after throwing away the fork.He would do better to focus of getting people to eat with both a knife and fork instead of just a fork so that more time is wasted cutting food up into smaller pieces than going down this route.

  2. Scott said...

    Thank God It's Fricken Freaky Friday!! Hi, Cherry dear, sorry for the absence, been a hectic week out here in Vegas but I am slowly but surely making my rounds, getting back in where I fit in. I hope you have a nice weekend, see you next week, bright and early (my time).

    I definitely need to eat slower but I am not sure puny fork will be of help. I think I will try to focus more on the amount of times I chew each bite. Anywhoo, it's still freaky, girl! Rock on, rock on, Cherry, enjoy yourself a break.

  3. Cain said...

    This guy really knows how to make people stop and think about issues. No not about dieting , but how does he come up with these"inventions"?

  4. Brice said...

    Wonder why he doesn't have any marketing material? Are you just meant to pay your money and wait or what?

  5. shern's mom said...

    what a errr.. fork.
    if i have to use such a fork that irks me so much, i doubt i'll be eatin lesser and slower.
    anyway, where you find all this freaky stuff? just curious..

  6. cbenc12 said...

    My.. diet fork!!! U really enlightened me! :D

  7. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the comments folks. I find these products mainly from some searching on google and also by subscribing to Google Alert (tons of fresh information to your inbox daily).

    The owner will have a HARD time marketing this product without any VISIBLE picture of what we are going to get.

  8. Anonymous said...

    What makes you think there isn't a picture on the website? I think that plastic fork IS the "diet fork."

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