Dieting and exercise are not only two of the least exciting ways to lose weight, but they are also two of the only ways to lose weight safely. The advent of new products such as the “Bliss Ray of Hope” try to bank on the very fact that no one always has motivation to get out to the gym, or to even stick to strict diets. The makers of the product instead try to make weight loss as easy as applying sunscreen lotion.

When most people hear sunscreen lotion, they think of a product that protects the user from harmful ultra-violet rays. The makers of the Bliss Ray of Hope have started putting in certain ingredients, such as caffeine, to help tone your body temporarily while in the sun. For those who are already in the sun a lot, this may be a good application if only the lotion can last a little longer.

The first problem with the product is the guideline one must follow in order for it to work. A full 20 minutes should go by before sun exposure is given to get the best effect. This is itself isn’t much of a problem, but the fact that after every swim the lotion must be reapplied can be very annoying.

Even worse than this, is the fact that even sweating can diminish the effects of the lotion. The guide tells us to reapply this lotion every time we emerge from water or drench ourselves in sweat. Essentially, perfect weather conditions must be present- because who doesn’t sweat in the hot sun? Not to mention that the recommended reapplication is every 2 hours regardless of your body condition. From the looks of things, the bottle of lotion won’t last too long. Great! I will just pop from the water to apply this lotion every time I finish a swimming round.

Next we come to the actual principle of the lotion. The big downfall of the product is the lack of technological information and testing results. The company only gives a short description on how the lotion supposedly works- through tiny molecules that are activated through the sun. This isn’t much of a description, yet the makers of the product didn’t forget to add words such as “unleash”, “radical”, and “seductive” to its descriptions to entice readers nonetheless. I find it hards to understand if such descriptive words are used to explain the technical aspects of a product.

Lastly, it all comes down to the actual testing results of the product. The company gives no indication of what kind of results can be expected (no comparison pictures), or even any test results for that matter. This makes the skeptical wonder if the temporary skin tightening gained through this lotion is either very minimal, or something like the placebo effect. At over $20 per bottle, it’s hard to buy something that has no testimonials unless if you count two testimonials found in the website. One of them only repeat the description of the product without providing sound testimonial.

The Bliss Ray of Hope is a good idea in theory, but it just doesn’t deliver for me. Of course I will stick to the orthodox method of healthy eating and exercises to burn my fat and tighten my skin. The effect is more permanent and more visible compared to this temporary solution. While it is great to think of a product that works at tightening skin while you’re enjoying a little fun in the sun, it just isn’t practical. A good way to sell this stuff is by including this lotion in a bikini. Most people will be delighted to try it on. Of course they need to include a lot of bottles since one just doesn't seem to last long when the guideline tells us to reapply the lotion every two hours and every time the lotion is hampered by water.

Bliss Ray of Hope Site

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  1. Jackie said...

    The bottom line I think is having a small balanced meal 5 times a day and ignoring any product that says they have an easier route.

  2. Cain said...

    Wow $20 for what sounds like something from around 20 years ago in the sunscreen area and as for the 'temporary' effect, I think this is just a way of getting you to use more, finish the bottle quick and go buy another! Sorry not playing!

  3. Wayne said...

    Could someone tell me why people insist on putting caffiene in their products? I know ingesting it producesan addictive effect but smearing it on your body.......waht does that do?

  4. Leigh said...

    Some of my friends use heamarrhoid cream as a temporary toner! May sound ridiculous but it cost's a lot less than $20 for a tube and does actually work!

  5. Scott said...

    Wow, that's just feaky! With it's temporary effects, it may be appealing for girls prior to weddings/dances but, for $20 a bottle, no guarantees and no test results, I think diet pills and tanning beds may win this battle (and caffeine and other products, too ;) ).

    Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, Cherry, see ya!

    p.s. Hi, Jackie!! Nice to see you here!

  6. Sean said...

    I've tagged you about 8 facts about yourself in my new domain~ hope you will check it up~ Thanks

  7. Cherry said...

    Thanks for the feedbacks. Well practically there's nothing wrong with a temporary solution. Some of us need temporary solution sometimes (I did), the problem is that this lotion isn't practical. Imagine having the effect of the lotion to be wiped out whenever you plunge yourself in the water.

  8. Frank said...

    excercise can be just gotta find one that you like...there's more to excercise than running or the gym...

  9. Ernie said...

    This stuff unleashes radical seduction? I might have to get some of that.

  10. Cherry said...

    The company supposes so Ern :D.

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