I am suffering from a heavy fever and influenza right now so forgive me if I haven't dropped by your blog this week, I still need to rest. Perhaps my body suffered a breakdown due to the fact that I haven't had enough sleep again for the past few days.

Today's post will address the common misconception that people have in weight loss. When people gain weight, their initial reaction is usually to eat less food. Gaining weight is caused by eating too much food, right? It would make sense that eating less food would cause weight loss. While diets differ significantly, they never advocate eating more food. They always advocate eating less food. It might be difficult to eat less food than you’re accustomed to. However, if it’s the only way to lose weight, you know it will be worth it.

Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as just eating less food. In other posts I have mentioned that one major key to weight loss is increasing your caloric expenditure to a level that is greater than your caloric intake. If your net balance of calories is negative, you will lose weight. Eating less does not necessarily accomplish this.

The human body is highly evolved and able to adapt to virtually any environmental change. If you start eating less food, your body will simply start burning fewer calories. Unless you’re intentional about the type of food you eat instead of simply the amount of food you eat, you’re unlikely to see the results that you are hoping for.

Surprisingly, most overweight people and thin people eat about the same amount of food. For instance, a 250 pound person probably does not eat twice as much food as a 125 pound person. The weight difference is probably related to the amount of fat that the 250 pound person eats in relation to the amount of fat the 125 pound person eats.

Fats are hard to metabolize, so eating them means that the calories included in the fat is less likely to be broken down by the body and used or flushed out as waste. The 125 pound person probably eats very little fat and has a diet high in easily-metabolized substances like complex carbohydrates.

Losing weight is a lesson in patience. You did not gain the weight over night and you won’t be able to shed the pounds over night, either. These days everyone is looking for the easy answer when it comes to weight loss. Whether it’s a miracle diet that supposedly doesn’t require any changes in your lifestyle or a diet pill that will make the fat melt away, some of the possibilities can sound very enticing. However, if you’ve tried any of them you probably already know that these are either temporary solutions or just absolute scams.

The best way to lose weight is simply to cut down the unusable calories in your diet by reducing your fat intake and increasing your caloric expenditure with regular exercise. Dieting without exercise is pointless when it comes to losing weight; your body will just compensate for the reduction in calories. You’ll be tired and lethargic, and stepping on the scale will still be a downer. If you’re serious about losing weight, you don’t need to eat less food; you just need to eat the right food and take care of your body. It may not be easy, but it will be effective!


  1. Ellen said...

    Great post. It's not all about how much we eat but what we eat.

  2. Brice said...

    I remember trying the Atkins diet a long time ago and eating loads of meat and cheese. It is certainly true that it didn't matter how much I ate but what I ate that helped me loose around 3 stone!
    Now what is that in KG?

  3. Scott said...

    Interesting points, miss (once again).

  4. Leigh said...

    I have always said that to know what to eat in any quantities see a body builder. They are absolutely obsessive in a good way and are so knowledgable too!

  5. Cain said...

    I bet if we were to look at all the unecessary calories we take in and solve that problem we wouldn't even need to think about how much we are eating

  6. Health Freak Mommy said...

    I strongly believe in exercising, eating at the right time and eating in small portions to loose weight and maintain weight. With this regime, I can eat almost anything that I want yet dont gain weight.

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