Dieting for Men

Unfortunately for men, women have had the dieting market cornered for about a century now. For some reason, dieting is understood as feminine and men who diet are often seen as effeminate. Real men are apparently supposed to eat big steaks and drink lots of beer. The problem is that these habits are unhealthy and will have a negative impact on your life.

If you’re a man and think you need to lose weight, don’t let the stereotypes stop you. Remember, heart attacks are killing men at record rates. Getting healthy is important, and worrying about what uneducated people think is not an excuse for being unhealthy. Trust me; the women in your life will love it if you’re around their whole lives. If the stereotype of dieting bothers you that much, just tell yourself that you’re getting healthy, not dieting.

The good news for men is that being healthy and being attractive line up much more closely than it does for women. For women, being attractive can sometimes mean being underweight and undernourished. For men, being attractive means being a healthy weight, eating right, and having great muscle tone.

Men tend to make three mistakes that, if corrected, will go a long way towards helping them get healthy and lose weight. First, they eat too much fat. Men love their red meat and they love their fast food. Cutting down significantly on red meat will cut down on fat intake and make calories a lot easier to burn. Substitute a nice lean chicken breast for a steak sometimes. Men should also cut out fast food from their diet altogether; it’s unhealthy and expensive and unsatisfying.

Second, men tend to drink too much beer. Women have their chocolate, men have their beer. This isn’t to say that men can’t have a beer once in awhile; if you’re going out with the guys on a Friday night it can be very relaxing to have a few cold ones. But if you’re just thirsty and sitting in front of the TV, grab a glass of water.

Third, and speaking of watching TV, men tend to get less active with age. Once they settle down with a wife, get a full-time job, and have a kid or two, exercise becomes a last priority. Increasing metabolism and building muscle tone are irreplaceable when it comes to losing weight and getting healthy. Getting a nice cardiovascular workout just two or three times a week will make a big difference in your life.

Dieting is not just a woman’s game, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Losing weight could be the single best thing you do this year because it could add many more years to your life. Don’t let the stereotypes about men and women get in the way of getting healthy and feeling good about yourself.


  1. Sean said...

    I totally agreed with you that men kind should diet as well. I think those man who are categarized in ordinary heterosexual have bad eating habits or behavior are too too irritating.
    However, those who are categorized in Metrosexual would be better, at least they will taking care of their looks and health~

  2. Angelina said...

    Well true that as men grow older they seem to be more ignorant about their body state.

  3. Anonymous said...

    I think most men are addicted to carbohydrates and alcohol that they have beer bellies.

  4. Cain said...

    Must admit that taking in Carbs makes me feel so much more comforted. When I don't take in enough Carbs my body soon tells me!

  5. david santos said...

    Congratulations for your work, that is very good, and have a good month of vacation

  6. cbenc12 said...

    I am impressed by your articles!! I should put more attention to my diets as I eat practically anything.. Will start following ur suggestions ;)
    Good job, girl!

  7. Shane said...

    A case of hands up I am guilty! Although I always believe that it is never too late to change

  8. Leigh said...

    It is a shame that attitude plays such a large part in the way men approach health issues in general.

  9. Cherry said...

    Yes in here when men go on a diet they are instantly labeled as metrosexual. I guess people here think that men should drink beer, eat BBQ and smoke a cigarette.

  10. lewillia55 said...

    At age 52, I've come to realize that changes are in order both in terms of my way of thinking, and my way of dieting and exercising.

    The fat does tend to linger on the body without coordinated effort in all three areas. In a nutshell, yes, men too must learn to diet in ways that work for their individual circumstances.

  11. brown said...

    Great blog. Its very interesting to read. Its true that men have very few diet plans designed for them. I recently visited this site relating to this topic dieting,it might be of interest to you.

  12. Joe D. said...

    Technology makes for a sedentary lifestyle. I even see heavy-set construction workers now. They sit on a big machine letting it do all the work. Very little calories being burned these days. But the eating habits have not changed to make up for it.

    Most men do care what they look like metrosexual, young, old, heterosexual etc. The problem is most are not educated about what calories are or how the science of it works.
    My father is clueless for example. He thinks a salad is healthy even after loading globs of high fat/calorie dressing onto it. Then you have my mother who cooks with low fat or eats sugar free itmes thinking it's no big deal because its healthy. Meanwhile she goes over her daily calorie limit everyday unknowingly.

    Everyone needs to readjust to the times. Keep a journal to write down everything that goes into your mouth. We would all rather be here online or at the tv instead of exersicing but remember there is 24 hours in a day. Spend at least 30 of them walking or jogging. ok im done ranting.

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