Celebrities are often looked up to as dieting geniuses, since they are the ones that manage to stay fit and healthy despite a lot of stress and long hours of work. The best part about following a celebrity diet is that celebrities pay top dollar for nutrition advice, so keeping up to date on celebrity diets can tell you what works and what doesn’t. Surprisingly, many celebrities who have lovely figures don't adopt weird diets. Their diets are based on common sense, here are some of them:

Our first example is Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer is famous for her curvy body, but the diva still has to diet and exercise to keep fit. Interestingly enough, she isn’t an exercise mogul- instead, she watches what she eats. Jennifer claims to cut out carbohydrates from her diet to lose weight, and also stays away from alcohol or smoking. So far Jennifer’s efforts have not been in vain- she has kept the same curvy body that she has had since she first started in showbiz.
Lesson: Diet journal is handy.

Cutting carbohydrates doesn’t work for everyone, however. Jessica Simpson claims that when she tried the low-carb diet, she kept over eating to replace the lost carbohydrates. For Jessica, the main goal is to stay away from sugar. While it is hard to completely stay away from sugar, replacing sugar with substitutes such as Splenda in recipes makes all the difference for this pop star. As far as exercise goes, Jessica claims to do workout routines which include squats and lunges- certainly nothing too strenuous.
Lesson: Do the SOW.

The women of Hollywood aren’t the only dieters- the men have to adhere to guidelines too. Stars such as Brad Pitt have had to get in shape and lose weight for upcoming movies. Brad Pitt personally practiced a mix between cutting carbohydrates and replacing them with protein. With the added protein, Brad’s workout sessions were maximized in efficiency, and he was able to sculpt a body worthy of Hollywood’s attention. Things such as alcohol, smoking, or junk food were also cut- something Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez have in common.
Lesson: Sounds like a Mediterranean diet.

On the opposite side of the carbohydrate spectrum, we have Usher. Usher has the revered “six-pack” abs that most men try to go for. Instead of cutting carbohydrates, this celebrity actually added them to meals. Interestingly, Usher also does over 1,000 ab crunches each day- and follows a strict workout regimen. In fact, the better part of a day can easily be spent exercising for the popular celebrity- for which he attributes his success.
Lesson: I’d rather watch what I eat rather than doing 1,000 crunches.

From watching celebrities, dieters can get a good idea on what is good and what isn’t. Clearly, this case holds true with Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay is famous for losing a lot of weight over a very short amount of time, something that is considered very dangerous. She claims that she just grew out of the weight, but fans and critics claim that she may suffer from an eating disorder instead. Drugs and diet pills have also been suspected- but whatever the case, it is believed that Lindsay has gone the wrong way in the dieting scene- and it will most likely return to haunt her.
Lesson: Steer clear of diet pills unless you are advised to take it by medical professionals.

Staying on top of Hollywood means keeping the best possible body and appearance- surprisingly those celebrities adored diets are not anything wacky. The general consensus from the described celebrities above is to cut carbohydrates, refrain from smoking or drinking, and to stay away from diet pills. Diet is extremely simple outside Hollywood, just be active, sleep well and use your head when it comes to eating.


  1. Shane said...

    Imagine living a life like Usher! All day spent worry about how the abs are doing.
    As long as you are happy with who you are so what.

  2. Scott said...

    JLo, it ain't your beauty, it's your booty ;)

  3. The OE said...

    For reasons of National security I can not admit I am a food addict, nor can I tell you that I am in the midst of a severe relapse

  4. Cain said...

    The words celebrity and common sense never go together from what I have seen!

  5. Leigh said...

    I thought that Celebs put more effort into plastic surgery and having blemishes airbrushes from photos than into diets? Unless it was making them cash of course.

  6. shern's mom said...

    celebs world is a lil too complicated to understand.
    but then again, they have the purchasin power that opens many possibilities, if you know what i mean.

  7. Freddie Sirmans said...

    Just browsing the internet. You have a very, very interesting blog.

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