After running this blog for two months, I started to receive a lot of questions about weight loss through my personal email (see contact page). While some of them ask about recipes and fad diets, there are a couple of questions which are asked numerous times. I assume that few people know about these five facts about weight loss since these questions were asked over and over again. Here are top five questions which were asked to me through email:

Question 1: Can you lose weight by cutting fat consumption?

Not necessarily! It’s important to remember that losing weight means reducing the number of calories you consume to a number less than the number of calories you burn. Fat is usually high in calories, and calories from fat are generally harder to burn than other types of calories. However, just because you have cut down on fat doesn’t mean you have cut down on calories. Plenty of low-fat foods that are marketed today are high in calories, and these are still calories you will need to burn off in order to lose weight.

Q 2: Will Increasing Protein Intake Increase Muscle Growth?

No it won't! Protein is an important part of your diet if you are looking to gain muscle, but too much protein will have the same effect as too much fat; the extra calories will be stored as fat. It’s important to remember that too much of anything good (even protein) will inevitably cause weight gain. Furthermore, muscle growth will never occur without an effective strength training program. Nobody ever bulked up just by eating lots of eggs and nuts.

Q 3: Is Walking Effective for Weight Loss?

Yes it is! Like any other physical activity, walking burns calories. Remember, the key to weight loss is reducing caloric intake and increasing caloric expenditure. A one-mile brisk walk (don’t just saunter) will burn as many as 100 calories, and five miles will burn at least 500 calories. It should take just over an hour, and a five mile walk every day will help you lose one pound per week all by itself.

Q 4: Can you lose weight significantly by consuming diet pill?

Some pills will make you lose weight, some won't. You know what they say: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. While some weight loss drugs have been approved by the FDA, these drugs often have a number of serious side effects and should only be used for clinical obesity. Most diet drugs work by “tricking” the body into believing it isn’t hungry. You probably don’t like being tricked by others, so why would you want to be tricked by your own body? If you are considering using diet pills, be sure to consult a physician first.

Q 5: Will I Gain Weight if I consume Egg?

This is true! Eggs are high in cholesterol, but they are low in saturated fat and low in calories (75 in a hard-boiled egg). They also contain a wide variety of essential nutrients like vitamins A, D, and especially B12. The American Heart Association recommends consuming one egg every day, but one healthy egg is the key. Cooking eggs with high-fat butter, dousing them with salt, and making other unhealthy additions will offset the nutritional value of the egg.


  1. pipsqueak said...

    How long should one exercise?

  2. Leigh said...

    Diet pills are a waste of money in my experiences. Nothing more than healthy eating and dieting will have the desired effects.
    Great blog!

  3. adrian said...

    Yeah, don't use diet pills.

    Eat healthy.


    And you will be okay.

    Don't be to obsessed about weight loss or you will look like Lindsay Lohan at her anorexic point...

  4. Scott said...

    When you say diet pills, are you referring to pills like xenadrine and hydroxycut? And, what, if any, diet pills would you recommend taking?

  5. Wayne said...

    No wonder people find it so hard to looses weight when they are so confused by what should be simple to answer questions.

  6. Cain said...

    My best piece of advice to anyone would be that there are no quick fixes and that weight loss should be gradual. Around 2lb's per week is average and safe.

  7. Cherry said...

    Scott, I am referring to Chitosan which is reported to work on animals but not on humans. Or bogus Hoodia which yields no visible effect. Hoodia is considered an exotic plant in South Africa and it's not easy to mass produce it. This leads into many bogus or 'partial' Hoodia sold in the market which of course does not yield the full effect.

    Prescribed weight loss pill is the one which works with side effect too. Xenical for example won't be sold to the majority of people who does not actually need drug to lose weight so all we have is the non prescribed one which either has nasty side effects or does not work.

    Pipsqueak, you need to figure how long you should exercise yourself. Let's start first by determining your goal and then work your exercise with your personal trainer to form a program.

    Thanks for the feedbacks and keep the questions coming.

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