ten commandmentDining out has often turned out to be a disaster for many dieters. For one thing, our dining partner might look us with that "You're unbelievable" look if we ask too many questions regarding calories in a particular dish to the waiter.

Many restaurants often give away a lot of delicious side dishes alongside our meals which are not kind for our waist. Here are ten commandments of diet dining out:

1. Buffet is way out of question. It's hard to maintain a proper portion control when you are given a wide variety of food choices ranging from ribs to ice cream. As a last resort, you can fill your plate with only few choices of food. That will make sure that you will be full enough so that you will be less tempted by what your partner brings to the table.

2. Many fancy beverages served in restaurants use soda as one of the ingredient. Before you order that healthily named "Strawberry Jelly", make sure you ask the server thoroughly about the ingredients of the beverages. Many soda are high in sugar and calories thus requiring you to do more Wii exercises!

3. As explained in my stomach management post, you should definitely always order an appetizer. By eating appetizer people tend to consume lower calories in the whole meal compared to a meal without appetizer.

4. If you are a member of clean plate clan, ask the server to help you clean the plate by putting the rest of your meal in a container. Just eat until you are full and wrap the leftover.

5. Many dishes offer french fries as side dish, however it's better to go with baked potato. In my opinion baked potato or mashed potato taste better than french fries, plus they are also healthier in a way.

6. Be careful with sour cream, cheese, gravy sauce on top of your dish. Ask for salsa to go with your baked potato instead of gravy or even butter. Salsa is a healthy and tasty alternative with very few calories.

7. Too much pasta will cost you another extra hour in the treadmill unless you are Paris Hilton. Most of them are very high in calories and you will have satisfied your body daily requirement by just one portion of pasta.

8. Dessert is perfectly okay as long as you don't overindulge yourself too much. Heck, even green tea ice cream will make you fat if you gobble it too much.

9. Always ask the server not to pour the sauce all over your salad and steak but to serve it separately. You should have control on how much sauce you want instead of the restaurant. This way you can opt to use less sauce if the sauce is high in calories.

10. Bodybuilder does not eat steamed meat for no reason. Baked, steamed, poached, grilled and broiled meat should be on top of your favorite list.

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  1. Ellen said...

    Gotta be agree on number two! I ordered Lime Delight and it turned out to be lime soda with a lot of syrup and an ice cream! I was kind of expecting a fresh lime with a little of fruit juice.

  2. Angelina said...

    all this time I am thinking that extra helping of gravy sauce is okay for my waist.

  3. Janet said...

    I went out for lunch today and I tried to be REALLY good, I ordered a warm grilled salmon salad with mixed greens and a mango dressing. Then when the salad came it was served in a HUGE deep fried taco bowl!!! That was sooooo unfair, the menu didn't say that, and I ended up eating the whole thing... how could I not???

  4. Scott said...

    Another excellent post filled with great tips, Cherry!!

    After reading this, 'thou will not eat buffet' next time I visit the strip with friends/family. (If I do, I will make it a point to not pig out).

    Please do keep up the great work, Cherry!

  5. Cathy said...

    Actually your number two should not only be limited to beverage. Many dishes have deceiving names too!

  6. Sean said...

    I was told that the gravy is mode from oil, but I just can't help myself to consume it ><

  7. Cherry said...

    Ouch looks like I have to edit the second commandment. Will do in a second ;)

    It was awful to have such a healthy looking salad served in such way without proper information.

    I greatly value restaurant who write a short desc of their dishes in the menu.

    And gravy looks innocent I admit, but in fact salsa is even a better sauce for your baked potato :)

  8. Ernie said...

    When dining out I usually can't help but put sour cream, cheese and gravy sauce on my pasta. That's why I always walk to the restaurant, and I wash the meal down with a Blue Beaver Beer Light. And also I make sure it's a whole wheat pasta, because that's better for you.

  9. John Kaiser said...

    "s explained in my stomach management post, you should definitely always order an appetizer. By eating appetizer people tend to consume lower calories in the whole meal compared to a meal without appetizer."

    Some of those appetizers are horrible themselves. So be careful with them too.

  10. Cherry said...

    Yeah some appetizers are plain ugly but generally you will eat less main course if you partially fill your stomach with proper appetizer.

  11. Lady Rose said...

    I can handle a buffet if they have a nice selection of greens and other veggies at the salad bar - I usually bring along my own small container of low fat dressing though.

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